Smart HUD

Smart HUD raises your game

Introducing Smart HUD, GGPoker’s exclusive answer to HUDs. Keep track of your rivals, analyze the history of your encounters and learn the style of your opponents, or even your own.

Available for free to all GGPoker users, Smart HUD adds more to the great game while helping to level the playing field.

How the Smart HUD Box Works

When you tap anywhere on a player’s avatar or Smart HUD icon, more detailed statistics are shown.

Cash Games

In cash games, your record against a particular player is displayed, alongside your three biggest hands versus that player.

All-In or Fold

Detailed statistics about your opponent’s all-in tendencies are shown with the Smart HUD box during All-In or Fold games – a player’s total jackpot winnings, their latest jackpot hands, and their hand distribution.


During tournaments, the Smart HUD box will show a player’s total tournament winnings and their current leaderboard rank.