At the same time that Dimitar was questioning Sofia, Serf and Elena were sitting down to dinner in Paris. It should have been a romantic setting, surrounded by couples interlocking their fingers, staring deeply into their partners’ eyes, and sharing coy smiles as thoughts of the future or happy memories danced in their minds. Had […]

The first few hands were by-the-book small ball. The button player raised, c-bets, wins the pot. On the fifth hand, Dimitar looked at his screen and saw the seven and eight of diamonds. He remembered how Elena had always loved diamonds, how they felt and shone, and how the colours and shapes would dance around […]

‘How am I supposed to play you heads-up when I only have cash money here and you’re god knows where?’ Dimitar asked.  ‘That’s already taken care of. When you and I have completed our session, I’ll send someone to you. They’ll either collect my winnings or hand you yours.’  ‘Thought of everything haven’t you?’ Dimitar […]