Latest GGMillion$ Won by New Zealand’s Finest David Yan for $297,000

Coming into this week’s GGMillion$ final table, New Zealand’s David Yan had three wins from 30 runnings this year on GGPoker. He made it four at his fifth GGMillion$ final table of 2023, overcoming a final table featuring beats of the online felt such as Bert Stevens and Benjamin Roller along the way.

Ladev Loses Out After Lengthy Battle

Heading into the final nine, there was a massive chip leader, and it wasn’t David Yan. Mexico-based ‘Tedwina Slowsby’, a regular in these events, came into their fourth GGMillion$ final table of the year on a massive 160 big blinds for one of the biggest final table leads in this event’s glorious history. Now into the second season of the $10,300-entry event on GGPoker, it was Yan who followed the leader, with 76 big blinds. 

Others at the final table felt included Norway’s ‘TimDunken’ (36BB), Juan Dominguez (33BB), Markkos Ladev (29BB), Benjamin Rolle (23BB), ‘Waylan’ (21BB) and Bert ‘girafganger7’ Stevens (21BB), with the short stack being Thomas Santerne owning just seven big blinds. Despite starting so short, Santerne survived the early skirmishes, with Markkos Ladev of Estonia the first to depart. 

Ladev, who has $266,000 in live ranking event winnings, is even more of an online superstar, and his latest cash adds to his winnings, albeit disappointing him in the moment. All-in with ace-eight offsuit, Ladev was crushed both pre-flop and post-flop, as Spanish player Juan Dominguez called with pocket aces and held through a nine-high board to send Ladev to the rail for $41,192.

Stevens Goes on a Tear

Eight remained and Santerne grew short again. Making his move pre-flop from early position with king-queen of hearts, He was called by a fellow short stack, Bert Stevens, holding a marginally stronger hand. The United Kingdom player, known to millions of poker fans as ‘girafganger7’ had the best of it with ace-queen and held, the French player Santerne sliding out of contention in eighth for $52,745. 

German player Benjamin Rolle cashed in seventh place for $67,539. He was down to just over ten big blinds with king-jack offsuit and shoved on a pot raised by Bert from middle position. Stevens called with ace-jack and a board of A-5-4-A-8 saw ‘girafganger7’ win big. As Jeff Gross and special guest co-commentator, WPT champion and TV writer extraordinaire Matt Salsberg, called the action, Salsberg said “Bert’s run up quite a stack from crumbs, this is interesting. When you go from 600k to 4 million, your adrenaline means you can get spewy. You get overly confident gain and run into it.”

Gross agreed as the next hand saw Stevens give some back with queen-jack suited to Slowsby’s pocket aces. Stevens had solidified his stack, however, and only Slowsby remained ahead of him. The British player would take out the next opponent too, Dominguez shoving with ace-nine and Stevens calling it off with pocket queens. 

“It must be nice!” eulogised Salsberg. “He’s getting a premium every three hands.” 

Those queens held, and a jack-high board send the Spanish player Dominguez home for a score of $86,482. The hand put Stevens just a three-bet off the lead, a stunning show from the player who had begun with a stack just one eighth the size of the chip leader. 

It was nearly an hour before the next person, Chinese player ‘Waylan’, busted, and again it was Stevens who struck the fatal blow. All-in with ace-five, ‘Waylan’ saw Stevens call with ace-jack. The board ran out 8-2-2-K-6 sending the Chinese player home, and Stevens became chip leader as ‘Waylan’ cashed for $110,739.

Two River Bets Drown the Leader

Four players were racing towards a conclusion and of them, Yan was the one who bagged biggest during their opening exchanges. Norway’s ‘TimDunken’ was the next to leave, cashing for $141,799 in fourth place. All-in with ace-eight, he lost when ‘TedwinaSlowby’s’ jack-six of hearts flopped a jack and faded turn and river to elevate his stack to 4.42 million. Marginally ahead of Stevens with 4.35m, the overnight chip leader was now behind David Yan, however, who sat with 5.22m at the top of the leaderboard.

It was Stevens who first grew short in a perilous position. Drifting down to 2 million chips, he called off his stack in the big blind with king-queen of diamonds when ‘TedwinaSlowsby’ shoved with ace-eight from the small blind. A flop of K-J-6 initially made Stevens the new favorite to win the hand and double up, but an ace on the turn changed that and a seven on the river sent the Brit home with $181,570.

Going into the final battle, ‘TedwinaSlowsby’ had 9.2 million chips to Yan’s 5.1 million. Everything changed in one hand, as Yan waited until the river to hit the king-high flush and snap-called the former chip leader’s shove with ease. That flipped a script even the great Matt Salsberg would have been proud of and now holding a chip lead of around 5:1, Yan sealed the deal in style. 

‘TedwinaSlowsby’ once again made an error on the river to lose it, as his ten-five suited only hit bottom pair on the flop that came A-8-5. A king on the turn didn’t help Yan, but he didn’t need it holding pocket jacks and when a six on the river landed, the shove from Yan was called by ‘TedwinaSlowsby’ and David Yan was once again the champion – an “absolute monster” at the online felt according to regular host Jeff Gross. 

Watch all the action as it took place on GGPoker’s YouTube channel right here.

GGMillion$ 14th November 2023 Final Table Results

Position Player Country Prize
1st David Yan New Zealand $297,707
2nd ‘TedwinaSlowsby’ Mexico $232,497
3rd Bert Stevens United Kingdom $181,570
4th ‘TimDunken’ Norway $141,799
5th ‘Waylan’ China $110,739
6th Juan Dominguez Spain $86,482
7th Benjamin Rolle Germany $67,539
8th Thomas Santerne France $52,745
9th Markkos Ladev Estonia $41,192

WSOP-E GGMillion$                                             2023 Week 31

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