Ole Schemion Wins Second Super MILLION$ Title for $353,000

This week’s Super MILLION$ final table featured eight players rather than nine, but with half the field having already won a title, the quality of poker was going to be higher than ever. When the battle was over, it was the German high roller Ole Schemion who had grabbed his second-ever Super MILLION$ title and the top prize of $353,673.

Eight Kick Off as Four Former Winners Push for Glory 

At the start of the action, eight players, rather than the usual nine, were in the seats. The unusual start was due to Simon Mattsson busting in ninth place on the previous evening, leaving Brazilian chip leader ‘Freedom35’ with only seven opponents to outlast before putting his hands on the coveted crown. The issue with that ambition was the sheer quality of player remaining on the virtual felt. Previous winners Ole Schemion, Christoph Vogelsang, Matthew Stumpf, and Christian Rudolph were all standing in the way. 

Christian Rudolph was in the best shape to double up when he had ace-jack in the big blind, calling Ole Schemion’s small blind shove with king-six. He was in good shape to turn 20 big blinds into 40 but that didn’t transpire as the all-German clash of the titans went the way of Schemion. A king headlining the K-Q-5 flop was followed by a deuce on the turn, and a six on the river. Rudolph was drawing to an ace or ten for Broadway on the river but couldn’t hit the high notes this week and exited in eighth place for $64,437. 

A solid 30 minutes later the field was down to just half a dozen players, with Rudolph’s fellow German, Benjamin Rolle, joining him on the rail. It was another clash of the blinds as the chip leader ‘Freedom35’ shoved from the small blind with pocket kings and Rolle called it off from the big blind with ace-six. The board of Q-4-2-2-Q was no help at all to the luckless Rolle as he was rolled to the rail and a cash of $82,182.

Vogelsang Fights Back 

Four hands later ‘Freedom35’ bet pre-flop from first position with jack-ten and Ottomar Ladva reraised from the next seat with ace-queen. Christoph Vogelsang woke up with pocket kings in the cut-off and moved 90% of his chips into the middle, prompting a fold from ‘Freedom35’ and inducing the shove from Ottomar Ladva and completed with an insta-call. The  Q-9-5 flop gave Ladva top pair, but he needed more help. A three on the turn and ten on the river, left him wanting and with a short stack, but doubled up the German high roller specialist. 

Soon afterward, Ladva found his way to the rail. The Estonian made the right call when Ole Schemion shoved on a flop of J-7-3, with Ladva holding king-three. Schemion was bluffing with ace-nine. The deuce on the turn didn’t help, but an Ace on the river was the killer spike that sent Ladva home with a score of $104,813, the first six-figure prize of the event. Schemion continued the dominance while the rest of the table slowly  leaked their chips. The next victim to be scalped by Schemion, at 2 hours 25 minutes into the table, was the overnight leader. ‘Freedom35’ fell when his ace-ten was dominated by Schemion’s ace-king. The Brazilian earned $133,676 for his efforts.

Schemion Uses His Stack

With four remaining, that pot gave Ole Schemion an impressive chip lead of 10.8 million chips, some way clear of his three opponents, ‘s0s0s0’ with 3 million, Matthew Stumpf with 2.1 million and Christoph Vogelsang with 1.3 million. It was Stumpf, the lone Canadian, who busted first. Finding pocket tens and sitting with just 11 Big Blinds, Stumpf bet out, and was raised by the chip leader. Stumpf shoved only to find the bad news, he was facing pocket aces. Unbeknownst to him, there was only one ten remaining in the deck and sadly no help came for the Canadian, who cashed in 4th for $170,486.

Vogelsang who was sitting short stack, went soon after, going all-in with an offsuit queen-nine, and called by Schemion holding an ace-five. The Turn brought a 3 that matched well with the 2-J-4 flop, as Schemion hit a wheel and the German went home with the $217,434 third-place prize. We were now heads up with Schemion holding 12.5 million, and ‘s0s0s0’ on just 4.7 million. 

A couple of early pots went the German’s way heads-up, and the Brazilian found himself down to just 2.67 million chips. The final hand ended up a coin flip with the ace-nine offsuit of  ‘s0s0s0’ needing to hit against Schemion’s pocket threes. An Ace in the window of an A-7-4 flop gave hope and the lead to ‘s0s0s0’. A five landed on the turn, giving the German eight more outs and a six on the river gave Schemion a straight and the second Super MILLION$ title of his career. 

With Brazilian player ‘s0s0s0’ taking the runner-up prize of $277,310, it was Ole Schemion who won the $353,673 top prize after almost three hours of terrific action. You can watch all the action in an instant replay of the full final table, with commentary from Jeff Gross and guest co-commentator Andy Hedley right here:

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