The Battle of Malta – The Siege Continues

The horns have sounded, the clash of steel on steel has rung through the fields, the Battle of Malta is underway. Since the last update, the GGPoker online tournament series has hosted 42 main and side events creating a total prize pools over €3,000,000 and had more than a dozen seats won to the live Battle of Malta, €1,000,000 guaranteed Main Event.

More than 2 weeks still remain in this history-based online poker tournament series along with dozens of Live Main event seats and millions of Euros guaranteed. Quality for any of the Main Events through the robust daily satellites or buy-in directly, the options are plentiful. 

In case you’ve been too busy to follow the action, here is some of what you have missed since Sunday…

#3: Omaholic Knight Crusaders

The third Main event of the Battle of Malta, the €550 buy-in Omaholic Knight Crusaders, was the first Omaha tournament of the series. The €100,000 guaranteed tournament brough 240 players into the fray, creating a total prize pool of €125,400. It took just over 7.5 hours for the battle to play down to the final victor. At the end it was ‘Minthon’ who outlasted the field and earned €28,188.44 for the effort.

#4: Bounty for the Knight

After a much needed two day rest, the knights took to the field again, this time in the €200,000 guaranteed Bounty for the Knight. This €210 buy-in event built a field of 1,354 players vying for the top prize including a seat to the Battle of Malta Live Main Event, and of course, collecting as many bounties as possible along the way. When the tournament completed, 8 hours 47 minutes after the first hand was dealt, it was ‘NewBeerBro’ that stood atop the field, having collected €26,285.23 including €15,623.52 in bounties.

The Side Events

WIth 10 side events every day, we unfortunately cannot go into detail for each tournament, but we will look at the 2 biggest daily guarantees, the Bounty Hunters Malta €52.50 and the Bounty Hunters HR Malta €525. These events carry daily guarantees of at least €100,000 and will continue to run every day throughout this online poker tournament series.  

Monday’s pair of events had guarantees of €110,000 for the €52.50 buy-in event and €100,000 for the €525 buy-in event. The tournaments saw 3,261 and 326 players respectively enter, creating prize pools of €163,000 for the lower buy-in and €163,050 for the High Rollers. At the end of the events, it was ‘bullfrog89’ who won the €52.50 event for €13,957.92 and ‘0_really’ who claimed victory in the €525 buy-in event, earning €24,031.85.  

Tuesday saw a slight increase in the number of participants in the two events, with 3,328 players entering the €52.50 event and 344 players for the €525. The tournaments, which both start at the same time, took 9 hours to complete. The High Roller event saw a prize pool of €172,000 created with ‘justVOL’ earning the biggest share with €17,702.21 in bounties and a total of €28,117.67 for the win. In the €52.50 buy-in, it was ‘ObsceNeL’ earning the victory for a total prize of €12,312.34.

 The Wednesday Bounty Hunters Malta €52.50 collected a total of 3,111 players and created a prize pool of €155,550. It took almost 8.75 hours for ‘Bullo89’ to take the championship and earn €12,739.37 for the work. Meanwhile, in the High Rollers, only 291 players signed up, creating a prize pool of €145,500. Taking a full hour less than the €52.50 event, ‘Murilo Milhomem’ eventually defeated ‘T0BSEN_TE9’ to earn the €25,689.98 top prize including €16,500.03 in bounties. 

The Thursday editions of these two tournaments both hosted guarantees of €120,000. The High Roller version attracted 303 players creating a prize pool of €151,500 while the €52.50 buy-in had 3,401 players join creating a prize pool of €170,050. The High Roller event was won by ‘Caballo salvaje’ who earned €27,839.31 while the €52.50 ‘I am GRUT’ for €15,793.14. 

Other big winners in the Online Poker Tournament series, The Battle of Malta, include ‘drope’, ‘Joursbonbon’, ‘E Buxhoeveden’, ‘The_Agharazi’, ‘Durdi’ and ‘Uruk-Hai’, all of whom earned over €10,000 in their tournaments.

More Going to Malta

Not to be overshadowed by all of the tournaments as part of the Battle of Malta online poker tournament series, there are constant satellites running for players to win their way to the Live Main Event Battle of Malta. This main event tournament, one of Europe’s best mid-stake major tournaments, is offering a €1,000,000 guarantee. Currently 62 players from the GGPoker community have qualified and there are still dozens of seats available.

Looking to the Weekend

There are some major events scheduled for the weekend in the Battle of Malta and over €2,500,000 in guarantees. On Saturday, event #5: Tallinn Summer Showdown offers a €100,000 guarantee in a 6-max tournament amidst the 10 regular daily tournaments scheduled. Event #6: Kings of Tallinn Main Event has a €400,000 guarantee with a €220 buy-in. The big 2 tournaments this Sunday both carry €1,000,000 guarantees. The first, a big Battle of Malta Side Event, is the Bounty Hunters HR Main Event. Like the daily version of this tournament, the buy-in is €525 but the guarantee has been massively boosted. The last big event is #7: Global MILLION$ European Cup. This €50 buy-in tournament has multiple daily Day 1’s for you to get in on the action and take home a share of €1,000,000 and, for the winner, entry to the live Battle of Malta Main Event!

Good luck at the tables!

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