The World Series of Poker Circuit festival is currently underway in London, United Kingdom. This exciting event features a series of tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool of £7 million. One of the highlights of the festival is the £3,300 Main Event, which is in the process of its starting flights. It’s a golden opportunity for poker enthusiasts in the vicinity to participate and aim for victory.

Recent Winners and Highlights

While the festival continues, it’s worth taking a moment to recognize some of the big winners from the past few days. The success stories of these players can serve as an inspiration for those looking to make their mark in the world of poker.

Kim Ji Woon’s Victory in WSOPC £1,100 Main Event

The WSOP Super Circuit £3,300 Main Event is the second major event of the series, following the WSOP Circuit £1,100 Main Event. South Korea’s Kim Ji Woon emerged as the winner, taking home the largest portion of the prize pool and earning his first WSOP ring. He defeated Jeremias Mendoza in a thrilling heads-up play.

The two finalists agreed on a deal, securing £117,000 and leaving the title and £26,000 to compete for. The decisive moment came when both players went all in on a Q-J-T flop, with Woon’s ten-nine leading against his opponent’s king-seven. The board’s outcome confirmed Woon’s victory.

Details of the £1,100 Main Event

The £1,100 Main Event attracted a significant number of participants, with 1,018 entries. However, the £1 million guarantee was narrowly missed, as the entries generated £987,460. Among the notable players who made it to the final table were Gianluca Speranza, who finished 5th and won £27,000, and Alex Andrei, who finished 8th and won £12,000. Despite starting the day as the chip leader, Andrei couldn’t maintain his momentum through the final session.


PlacePlayerPrize (GBP)Country
1Kim Ji Woon£143,000South Korea
2Jeremias Mendoza£117,000Argentina
3Pawel Kabut£63,060Poland
4Eric Le Goff£40,000United Kingdom
5Gianluca Speranza£27,000Italy
6Kevin Gu£20,000 
7Gaspar Neuman£15,000Argentina
8Alex Andrei£12,000Romania
9Ashley Locker£10,000United Kingdom

Reflection on the Impact of Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments like the World Series of Poker Circuit festival not only provide thrilling competition but also contribute to the growth of the game globally. They offer a platform for emerging talents to showcase their skills and for established players to continue to excel. The blend of live and online opportunities ensures that the game remains accessible and engaging for a wide audience, reflecting the dynamic and evolving nature of poker in the modern era.

Cedric Schwaederle’s Triumph in WSOPC £2,200 High Roller

France’s Cedric Schwaederle achieved a remarkable victory in the WSOPC £2,200 High Roller event, marking his first-ever appearance at a live poker final table. The event drew a field of 173 entries, and Schwaederle’s skillful play led him to an £80,000 payday.

He faced off against WSOP bracelet winner Harry Lodge, defeating him on his home turf. Lodge’s impressive performance earned him £54,000. The competition was intense, and the victory allowed Schwaederle to claim his first WSOP hardware, a significant milestone in his poker career.

Dean Hutchison’s Continued Success

Dean Hutchison, a player from Scotland, continued to showcase his talent by finishing in sixth place, earning £18,000. This achievement follows his sixth-place finish in the 2023 WSOP Main Event earlier this summer, where the prize was substantially larger. Hutchison’s dedication to the game is evident as he travels throughout the United Kingdom, participating in various tournaments. His recent victory in the Goliath High Roller Title in late July adds to his growing list of accomplishments.

The success of players like Schwaederle and Hutchison highlights the opportunities and excitement that live poker tournaments offer. They serve as an inspiration for aspiring players and contribute to the rich and diverse landscape of competitive poker.


PlacePlayerPrize (GBP)Country
1Cedric Schwaederle£80,000France
2Harry Lodge£54,000United Kingdom
3Darren Bloom£37,170United Kingdom
4Igor D’Ursel£29,900Belgium
5Imad Derwiche£24,000France
6Dean Hutchison£18,000United Kingdom
7Fraser Bellamy£14,100United Kingdom
8Arnaud Enselme£10,400France
9Tom Arovaara£8,050Finland

Road to London 2023: A Gateway to Prestigious Poker Events

In the past, GGPoker organized the “Road to London 2023” tournament, providing poker enthusiasts an exclusive opportunity to claim seats at prestigious live poker events, including the World Series of Poker Circuit in London. Through daily satellites, players had the chance to compete and earn their way into some of the world’s best live events.

This GGPoker initiative served as a great way for aspiring and seasoned players alike to engage in high-level competition and gain entry into renowned poker events. Stay tuned for many events like this for more ways to qualify for elite events like this, around the world!