From the earliest stages of our lives, we are gently guided by a universal truth that resonates across cultures and communities: the best gift one can give is the act of giving itself. This principle, often instilled in us during our formative years, goes beyond the mere exchange of tangible items. It encompasses a broader philosophy that underscores the importance of generosity, altruism, and selflessness. The concept that giving is more rewarding than receiving is not just a moral axiom but a fundamental aspect of human interaction that fosters empathy, strengthens bonds, and enriches our lives in myriad ways. This ethos of benevolence and kindness is a cornerstone of societal values, shaping our actions and interactions from a young age and guiding us toward a more compassionate and connected world. And while this ideology affects our behavior, when we sit at the poker table, we tend to forget this as winning is of utmost importance – of course, the added benefit of going home with more money than you arrived with is nice.

'Tis the Season to Give $23,000,000

At GGPoker, we truly believe in giving back and want everyone to be a winner, and while that is not always possible, we want to help by starting the holiday season on a positive note for everyone. That’s why this year, starting December 15th, we are celebrating with $23 Million in giveaways & prizes and all for FREE.

$23M Winter Giveaway online poker promotion blog banner image

From December 15th right through January 12th, GGPoker will be hosting the $23M Winter Giveaway. The celebration, in honor of all that we as a community have accomplished in 2023 including the launch of the poker reality show, Game of Gold, continuing to out grow all other poker sites in terms of size and players, hosting multiple World Series of Poker Circuit and Tournament series, and resetting the World Record for biggest online poker tournament in history. But we could not have done any of it without YOU. GGPoker was created by poker players for poker players which is why we are giving back so much – we would be failing ourselves if we didn’t.

Daily Gift Boxes

As the year draws to a close, GGPoker is set to make a grand gesture of appreciation towards its community through the Winter Giveaway Series, starting from December 15th. This series is a celebration of giving, perfectly aligning with the season’s spirit, and it features an astounding $15 million in free prizes. These prizes come in the form of Gift Boxes, each containing a surprise mix of Spin & Gold tickets, Battle Royale Tickets, and All-In or Fold Sit & Go tickets, varying in value from $0.25 to $50. The beauty of this giveaway lies in its simplicity and inclusivity – every player who logs in to GGPoker during the promotional period will receive a gift box, ensuring that everyone has a chance to win something each day.

In addition to the daily gifts, GGPoker is hosting three special daily #Thanks freerolls, specifically targeting cash game enthusiasts. These freerolls – #ThanksHoldemPlayers, #ThanksOmahaPlayers, and #ThanksShortDeckPlayers – come with substantial daily prize pools of $60,000, $30,000, and $10,000 respectively. To participate, players need to play at the respective tables to earn entry tickets, adding a competitive yet rewarding twist to their regular gaming sessions.

Moreover, GGPoker is enhancing the daily rewards by offering C$ rewards based on the Fish Buffet points players accumulate. This not only incentivizes regular play but also adds an extra layer of excitement to the daily grind.

The climax of the Winter Giveaway Series is the #Thanks2023 $1,000,000 Flipout tournament, a unique event replacing the normal Daily GGCare and GGCheers tournaments. Starting on December 27th, Day 1 of this Flipout tournament will occur every two hours over five days, with survivors advancing to the Daily Day 2. Winners from Day 2 will compete in the grand finale on New Year’s Eve, a broadcast event featuring the poker star ‘ElkY’, marking a spectacular end to the year. What will make this tournament even more enticing is the reduction of the qualifying requirements. This means that you will have an even better chance to qualify. Sadly, I have been sworn to secrecy as to the actual requirements, but I can tell you it is significantly easier to qualify.

But the generosity doesn’t end with the year. As 2024 begins, GGPoker has over $2 million more up for grabs in a mission competition. Designed to cater to all, the missions are divided by game type and stakes, ensuring every player has an opportunity to claim their share of the prizes. This approach not only rewards skill and dedication but also maintains GGPoker’s ethos of inclusivity and giving back to its community.

The Winter Giveaway Series is a testament to GGPoker’s commitment to its players, blending the competitive thrill of poker with the joy of giving. It’s a celebration that acknowledges the role of each player in the platform’s success, and a perfect embodiment of the poker community’s spirit of camaraderie and generosity.

And that’s just what we can tell you about. Keep an eye out for all of the excitement GGPoker has waiting for you as we get ready to roll into an even bigger and better 2024. We wish you all a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season and New Year.