Bounty Hunters Series Returns October 15 With At Least $50M In Prizes

Prove yourself as poker’s greatest hunter at GGPoker

Dublin, Ireland (October 10, 2023) – GGPoker today announces that one of its most-beloved online tournament series, Bounty Hunters Series, returns to the World’s Biggest Poker Room from Sunday, October 15. 

With a focus on poker players’ hunting prowess, this thrilling series combines the excitement of knocking opponents out of the game with the allure of extraordinary bounty prizes. The Bounty Hunters Series is set to run through November 6, offering an astonishing $50 million in prizes to be won.

Recalling the time of infamous Wild West gunslingers, the Bounty Hunters Series invites players to step into a world where they become both hunter and prey. As participants navigate through this high-stakes adventure, they’ll have the chance to claim bounties and make their mark as the ultimate gunslingers of the online poker world.

One of the standout new features of this Bounty Hunters Series is the Daily $10K Bounty King Leaderboard. All players’ knockouts during series events are tracked on this leaderboard, and each day, a $10,000 WSOP Paradise package will be awarded to the player at the top of the pile. It’s a dynamic twist that adds even more excitement to the series and rewards those who consistently display superior hunting skills.

Sarne Lightman, Managing Director of GGPoker, expressed his excitement about the upcoming series, saying, “The Bounty Hunters Series is a unique and thrilling addition to our poker offerings. It’s a nod to the Wild West, where players can choose to walk in and become both the hunter and the prey. With the Daily $10K Bounty King Leaderboard, we’re giving our players even more chances to be rewarded for their knockout skills. We can’t wait to see who emerges as the top gunslinger of this series!”

Bounty Hunters Series highlights include:

New GGPoker players can also claim the poker room’s Welcome Bonus, earn even more rewards with the Honeymoon for Newcomers promotion and automatically join GGPoker’s Fish Buffet loyalty program, with regular cash prizes on offer. 

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