Asia's Premier Online Poker Series

The Asian Poker Tour (APT) is now on the virtual felt at GGPoker, bringing with it the thrill and prestige of one of Asia’s most renowned poker tournament series. The APT’s transition into the online stage is a game-changer, offering a seamless blend of competitive play and access to a worldwide audience. This return is not just a continuation but an evolution, promising poker enthusiasts an experience enriched by GGPoker’s innovative platform. As the future continues to grow our access to an ever-increasing quantity of activities, the APT is flying along with it. By entering the online sphere, it now gives complete access to the renowned poker tournament series to the poker world at large. Let’s dive into the APT Online 2023 series, with its impressive prize pool and a lineup of events that cater to a spectrum of poker players.

The Asian Poker Tour (APT) has established itself as a leading force in the poker world, particularly within the Asia-Pacific region. Its inception dates back to 2008 when the tour began to shape the landscape of Asian poker. The APT was initially aimed at nurturing poker as a competitive sport in Asia, providing a platform for poker enthusiasts to test their mettle against peers from across the globe.

A Brief History of the APT

In its early years, the APT focused on major Asian cities, rapidly gaining traction and setting the stage for what would become a series of highly anticipated annual events. The Tour’s tournaments were known for their professionalism and were well-received by the community, earning a reputation for well-organized, player-focused events.

As the APT grew, it became synonymous with the rise of poker in Asia, serving as both a catalyst and a barometer for the game’s burgeoning popularity in the region. Notably, the growth of events over the years saw it increase from just two tournaments in 2006 to over a dozen events both pre and post-pandemic, proving that the APT is truly an important tournament series on the international scene, a series that resonates with the poker community at large.

The Tour’s expansion saw it host events in more countries, including major gaming hubs like Macau and the Philippines, which became regular stops on the circuit. The APT also became a stage for local talent to emerge, with many Asian poker pros making a name for themselves through APT events.

The APT’s significance was further cemented through partnerships with international poker platforms, including the online giant GGPoker. These partnerships allowed the APT to extend its reach, offering an online series that mirrored the excitement of live events, thus bringing the APT experience to a wider audience.

Over the years, the APT has endured challenges, including regulatory changes in various Asian countries and the global impact of events such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, it has remained resilient, adapting to the times by shifting more focus to online platforms when necessary and continuing to provide high-quality, competitive poker.

Today, the APT stands as a pillar of Asian poker, continuously innovating and expanding its offerings to meet the evolving demands of the game’s enthusiasts. Its history is not just a record of tournaments and winners but a chronicle of poker’s growth in Asia and the APT’s role in nurturing a vibrant poker community across the continent.

The Future of the APT

The APT, in its partnership with GGPoker delighted the poker community. This collaboration is set to deliver an even more compelling series than before, with both entities committed to providing a stellar poker experience. The APT Online series on GGPoker is a testament to this, offering an array of tournaments that are as rigorous as they are rewarding.

The APT Online 2023

APT Online 2023 steps up the game with an astounding $15 million in guaranteed prizes. The series, running from November 5th to 26th, is structured to create intense competition across a variety of poker disciplines. The centerpiece is the Main Event, a tournament that promises not just a substantial monetary prize but also one of the coveted Lion Trophies, a unique symbol of poker excellence akin to a World Series of Poker Bracelet.

APT Online Trophies

The Lion Trophies at the APT Online series on GGPoker are not merely awards; they are emblems of poker excellence, coveted symbols that winners display with pride. These unique statuettes are bestowed upon the victors of 3 select events: The High Roller, The Super High Roller, and the Main Event, serving as a tangible testament to their skill, strategy, and perseverance. Crafted with attention to detail that both the APT and GGPoker pride themselves on, each lion trophy encapsulates the spirit of the Asian Poker Tour — fierce competition, majestic prestige, and the honor of being a champion. Earning one of these trophies is a goal for every poker player around the world, marking their triumph in a tournament that attracts some of the finest players from across the globe. They stand as a beacon for all aspiring contenders, representing the pinnacle of success in the online poker arena.

The APT Caters to Everyone

APT Online’s schedule is meticulously crafted to serve the needs of the diverse poker community in Asia. The series accommodates players from different time zones and offers buy-ins in regional currencies, reflecting GGPoker’s commitment to inclusivity. The daily tournaments are designed to keep the action fresh, with special events expanding the roster on Sundays.

The Impact of the APT

The APT’s resurgence on GGPoker is set to have a ripple effect across the online poker scene. As the region’s market continues to expand, the series plays a pivotal role in showcasing Asia’s growing influence in the poker world. The APT Online series acts as a magnet, drawing in players with its promise of hefty guarantees and a platform that supports fair and competitive play.

Get Ready For The APT!

Players looking to join the APT Online series should gear up for a battle of wits and nerves. Preparing for the tournament involves more than just brushing up on poker strategies; it’s about adapting to the fast-paced online environment that GGPoker offers. The platform provides an array of tools to aid players in making informed decisions and staying on top of their game.


The APT Online 2023 series is not just a collection of tournaments; it’s a milestone in the evolution of online poker in Asia. It’s a perfect storm of opportunity, skill, and technology, all coming together on GGPoker’s platform. As we count down to the kick-off, the poker community buzzes with anticipation for a series that will be both a nod to the rich history of the APT and a leap into its digital future.