With the first weekend of GGPoker GG Online Championships all but completed, this inaugural online poker tournament series has already paid out almost $20 Million in prizes with another $2,141,687 waiting at the final table of event 17-S, the $10,300 Super MILLION$. All told, through the first weekend of this tournament series, players have managed to scoop $22,309,135.90, not a bad haul for a weekend.

This week promises to be even more exciting, starting with the conclusion of Event 17-S, starring GGPoker Team member, Fedor Holz as he navigates his way through the final table. With a top prize worth over half-a-million dollars, you can be assured that it will be an exciting finish.

The final table starts at 18:00 GMT and if you want to watch the excitement as the players at the final table whittle down the competition, you can at GGPoker.TV.

The three-tiered leaderboard races have also begun. At the Low Tier, player ‘Kong Fuzi’ has taken the lead and is just 68 points ahead of ‘BeardOilGuy’. At the Medium Tier, well known Brazilian pro ‘Joao Simao’ scooped the most points. Having managed to accumulate 822 points over the first weekend of events, he currently has a 262 point lead over second place on the Medium Leaderboard.

Over at the High & Super High Leaderboards, with 1 event from the weekend still to finish, we have the makings of an amazing race. Currently player ‘Wei Zhao’ is in the lead with 348.86 points with players ‘danludan’ and ‘rivfun4me’ less than 10 points behind.  

Deep Bounties

The excitement continues this week with nearly $35,000,000 in guarantees starting at 16:30 UTC with Event #22. This trio of Bounty Hunters offers over $500,000 in guaranteed prizes with buy-ins of $5.25, $52.50 and $525 for the Low, Middle and High respectively. These 3 bounty hunter tournaments offer progressive bounties so even if you do not finish in the money, you can still end in the black.

The second event for Monday May 9th, is Event #23, the Monday Monster Stack.These 3 deep stack tournaments give players a 60,000 starting stack and slower blinds allowing you to really show off your poker acumen. With $875,000 in guarantees between the 3 tournaments and buy-ins of $25, 150 and $1,050, it is a great set of tournaments for any poker player.

For the player that enjoys Bounty-style tournaments, like Event #22, and prefers ‘the long game’, like event #23, the final event for Monday is for you. Event #24 The Bounty Big Game offers massive 100K starting stacks with progressive bounties at tables with 6 players. These tournaments will have you hunting the most dangerous poker game. 


Get Ready For The Weekend!

If this is not enough action for you, then you should get prepared for the weekend. With a myriad of multi-day events scheduled to play to completion through Saturday and Sunday, don’t wait until the last minute to compete. Join in on any of the multiple Day 1’s or a Satellite to the tournament, or tournaments, of your choice.

The Day 2’s set for this weekend include Event #46 Mystery Bounty, $50 Omaholic MILLION$ and the $50 MILLION$ Mini Main Event. Those 3 events alone currently offer over 150 Day 1’s and Satellites to qualify. Take your shot and don’t miss out. The earlier you qualify the more time you will have to prepare for the epic weekend battles and your share of the almost $35,000,000 guaranteed this week.

Stay tuned for updates on our Super High Tuesday Tournaments….

Super Tuesday

With Monday completed and the weekend tournaments closed we jump into a 5 event, 17 tournament Tuesday with over $5 Million in guarantees including 2 Super High GG Online Championship tournaments, each with a cool million in the prize pool. Looks like a good day for online poker.

The first event on the docket is the 7-max Bounty Tuesday Throwdown. This event which starts at 14:30 GMT, offers over $400,000 in guarantees at the 3 buy-in levels that start at $8.40. A share of over $400K for less than the cost of a double scoop of ice cream sounds like a great way to start a Tuesday night.

Two more bounty tournaments are on the schedule for Tuesday. First, at 20:40 GMT with the latest start of the day, is Event #29, the Omaholic Bounty Turbo. The 3 tournaments in this event will have you battle your fellow omaholics for a taste of $165,000. The second bounty event, with over $1 Million in guarantees, is event #26 Bounty Hunters. This edition of Bounty Hunters is offered with a Low buy-in of $5.25, a Medium buy-in of $52.50, a High buy-in of $525 and with a Super High buy-in of $5,250. All 4 of the tournaments that make up event 26 are deepstack events making this a great test of your online poker skills.

The last 2 events of the day are Event #27 Super Tuesday and Event #28 High Roller starting at 18:00 GMT and 19:00 GMT respectively. The Super Tuesday is offered at 4 buy-in levels and shares almost $2 Million is guaranteed including the $1,000,000 guarantee for the Super High $10,300 buy-in. The Super High Roller tournament, part of Event #28, has a $25,500 buy-in and offers the second $1,000,000 guarantee of the day.


Wonderful Wednesday

With Tuesday’s excitement contained, we head into a relaxing Wednesday that offers a mere 3 events and almost $2 Million in guarantees ($1,990,000 to be exact). The day starts with the Wednesday Warm-Up. This set of tournaments, with $450,000 in guarantees, launches at 15:00 UTC with buy-ins at $25, $250, and $1,500. With 60,000 starting stacks there is a lot of poker to be played.

At 16:30 UTC Event 31 begins. Offered at 4 buy-in tiers (Low, Medium, High and Super High), this quad of tournaments has players vying for massive progressive bounties. While the Super High, with a $5,250 buy-in, only sets aside $2,500 as each players starting bounty, the other 3 tournaments in the group leave 80% of the buy-in as part of the bounty pool. These Big Bounty Bounty Hunter tournaments will have you chasing the big game.

The last event of the evening is the Wednesday Double Stack. This set of tournaments, with $600,000 in guarantees, has players start with 100,000 in chips and blind levels between 8 minutes (for the $25 Low buy-in) and 15 minutes (for the $1,050 High buy-in). These tournaments will teach you the value of patience.

Until tomorrow’s update, good luck!


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