The microMILLION$ – Wrap Up

The first edition of the GGPoker microMILLION$ has been completed and, thanks to all of you, it was an incredible success! At the end of this online series, with miniscule buy-ins, almost $5.7 Million was won by our amazing community of poker players. This week there were over 90 tournaments that ran so again, like last week, we will only be highlighting the daily main events as we run through the events and the over $3,000,000 in guarantees, including the 2 $1,000,000 finale tournaments. 


The $5.25 Bounty Hunters Mini Main on Monday June 27th was played host to 7,803 players creating a prize pool of $39,015. The tournament, which lasted under 9 hours, was won by ‘AllMeMaybe’ who also earned the most in bounties.

The $10 Daily Main Event saw 4,790 players buy-in to the $35K guaranteed tournament creating a prize pool of $44,068.00. The tournament took just over 9 hours to play saw ‘Dark Azazel’ claim the victory and $4,817.59 over ‘lexipapa’ who earned $3,609.52 for second place. 

Monday’s $7.77 LUCKY SEVENS tournament played through with 3,039 players entering the event and creating a prize pool of $21,728.85. Player ‘Murro96’ ended with the victory in the event after a 2-way chop with ‘ktg76’.


On Tuesday, the $5.25 Bounty Hunters Mini Main saw 6,825 players register which created a prize pool of $34,125. The tournament, which lasted just over 8.25 hours, was won by ‘Player 9’ for a total of $2,721.55 including bounties.

Tuesday’s $10 Daily Main Event drew 3,858 players to the tournament, creating a prize pool of $35,493.60. The tournament played to completion in just over 9 hours and concluded with a chop between the final two. When the last hand finished, it was ‘WazzaBinks’ that took ownership of the victory and $3,520 while ‘Average Age’ settled for second for $3,491.95. 

The $7.77 LUCKY SEVENS tournament on Tuesday attracted 2,672 players making a prize pool of $19,104.80. After nearly 7 hours of play, it was ‘Richifun’ who took top prize worth $2,386.15 over second place finisher ‘GoodLuckChuck’.


Wednesday’s $5.25 Bounty Hunters Mini Main showed slight drop from Tuesday with 6,793 registering for the tournament creating a prize pool of $33,965. Taking under 8.5 hours to complete, the tournament was won by ‘V1adRad’ who earned $3,020.39 for the victory.

The $10 Daily Main Event increased in the number of players registered, getting back over the 4,000 mark with 4,176 registering. The tournament took nearly 10 hours to play through the conclusion which saw ‘BLWelder’ claim the victory over second play ‘mulungo’. The players earned $4,300.97 and $3,222.62 respectively for their hard work and long hours of play. 

Wednesday’s $7.77 LUCKY SEVENS tournament compelled 2,701 players to enter creating a prize pool of only $19,312.15. Taking just over 6.5 hours of play, it was ‘Moose23’ who took the top prize worth $2,371.24 over second place ‘Eu sou Vasco!’.


Thursday saw another big drop in attendance with only 6,576, 3,863 and 2,732 registering for the $5.25 Bounty Hunters Mini Main, $10 Daily Main Event and the $7.77 LUCKY SEVENS respectively. All three tournaments still generated very healthy prize pools considering the micro-sized buy-ins

The Bounty Hunters Mini Main, which had a total prize pool of $32,880, was won by ‘7katala_ru’, who took home $2,514.48 for hers or his efforts after just over 8.5 hours.

The $10 Daily Main Event, which took over 9 hours to complete, saw ‘DAOndE’ take first place worth $2,436.82 of the $35,539.60 total prize pool after a 4-way chop. The big money winner of the tournament was ‘tio_ricco’ who got paid $3,205.23 for finishing 3rd. 

Thursday’s $7.77 LUCKY SEVENS tournament had players competing for a share of the $19,533.80 prize pool. In the end, it was ‘mariaAA105’ defeating ‘maanus89’ for a $2,399.05 payday.


The final Friday of the microMILLION$ arrived and the players came out to play. Friday’s $5.25 Bounty Hunters Mini Main had 6,922 players register for the $30,000 guarantee. It took just more than 8.5 hours for ‘DealMePls’ to take down the event for $2,737.12 including over $1,200 in collected bounties. 

The Friday $10 Daily Main Event had a total of 3,470 players register to create the $34,408 prize pool. It took another 8.5+ hours to complete as ‘Schmittee’ claimed the victory and $3,920.88. 

The final big event of Friday’s microMILLION$, the $7.77 LUCKY SEVENS tournament had 2,909 players competing for a share of the $20,799.35 prize pool. The tournament ended in under 7 hours of play with ‘LuckyDL’ taking the victory and $2,135.59 over ‘XMTJ888’ after a 2-way chop.


Saturday’s $5.25 Bounty Hunters Mini Main attracted 7,159 players for the tournament and created a prize pool of $35,795. It took 8.25 hours for ‘rus’ to finally take out the last of the competition, earning $2,948.19 in the process. 

Saturday’s $10 Daily Main Event, which was the smallest of the Daily Main Events to this point in the series, still managed to attract $3,466 players creating a prize pool of $31,887.20. The top prize of $3,670.95 was eventually, after almost 9.5 hours, won by ‘HurtU’ after defeating ‘Requiss’ who finished second and earned $2,750.40. 

The Saturday edition of the $7.77 LUCKY SEVENS saw 2,877 players make their way to the tournament creating a prize pool of $20,570.55. It took just over 6 hours of play for ‘Aragon13’ to earn $2,295.24, beating ‘Pernolas’, who walked with $2,055.60, after they agreed to a chop.


The final Sunday of the microMILLION$ online poker tournament series was filled with excitement between the regular events and the constant stream of Day 1’s for the $1,000,000 main event and Mystery Bounty. With every buy-in under $11, except the Main Event, which was only $25, players had a lot of poker from which to choose. 

The Sunday schedule for the microMILLION$ offered 4 events with a guarantee of at least 50K, the first of which was the $10.50 Bounty Hunters Sunday Special. This $60,000 guaranteed tournament attracted 7,611 players creating a prize pool of $76,110. It took just under 9.25 hours for ‘djo_bro’ to claim victory in this event and $4,997.21 including $1,816.62 in bounties. He did rebuy twice, but still, we are sure, walked away quite happy.

The next big online poker tournament was the $8.40 Sunday Bounty Special. Offering $50,000 in guarantees, this tournament had 6,679 players sign up for what was a 8.75 hour brawl. At the end it was ‘may-un’ who claimed victory and earned $3,791.60 for the effort.

The $5.25 Bounty Hunters Sunday Main was the 3rd tournament of the day with a guarantee of at least $50,000. The low $5.25 buy-in caught the attention of 11,260 players and created a prize pool of $56,300. After 8 hours and 40 minutes of play, it was ‘Super Rebel’ taking home the victory and $3,420.95 in prize money.

The last of the $50K+ events on Sunday was the $10,50 Bounty Hunters Sunday Special. The 6,699 entrants created a total prize pool of $66,990. The tournament ended 9 hours and 21 minutes later when ‘danfield3’ eliminated ‘Odissea’ to take the top prize of $2,869.43 plus an additional $2,242.27 in bounties.

The Main Events!

The two big events of the microMILLION$ were the $10.50 Mystery Bounty MILLION$ and the $25 microMILLION$ Main Event. Both offered multiple Day 1’s that during the tournament series and at multiple times, making these Million Dollar tournaments some of easiest to play in mega-sized micro tournaments to be offered online.

The multiple Day 1’s of the $1,000,000 guaranteed Mystery Bounty attracted a total of 112,889 players creating a prize pool of $1,136,450. Of the entrants, only 9,263 made it to the final day which started on July 4th. It took almost 9 hours of play and mystery bounty excitement to finally declare a victor. After a 3-way chop at the end, it was ‘payplz’ that was crowned victorious earning $32,983.08, less than both ‘ACEBUSTER’ in second and ‘ColonoVirus’ in 3rd who earned $42,931.59 and $39,136.95 for their work respectively.  and saw the last hand dealt almost 9 hours later. 

While ‘payplz’, ‘ACEBUSTER’ and ‘ColonoVirus’ get named as champions, it was ‘jacobs69’ who finished 267th and ‘Bababanana’ who finished 268th that earned the biggest piece of the prize. It was ‘Bababanana’ who finished with the second highest prize at $51,768,48 while ‘jacobs69’ earned the top prize of the tournament, taking home $87,237.88. 

The microMILLION$ main event offered a $1,000,000 guarantee with only a $25 buy-in. This tiny buy-in attracted a total of 44,967 players who wanted to compete and created a total prize pool of $1,034,241. Of those who joined on Day 1, only 6,601 made it to the Final Day. The tournament ran for just over 9 hours and at the end it was ‘BarraducaNL’ beating ‘Eeeazy-e’ for the championship and $89,836.15.  

The Final Wrap Up

Two big weeks of miniature events are finally in the books. A hearty congratulations to all of you and to the champions on making this event the biggest small series in our history. Sadly, we leave the microMILLION$ until next year but for now, take solace in the fact that we have even more exciting events planned for the summer…just wait until you see what battle is next!