In the world of poker, where tales of remarkable plays and extraordinary personalities abound, the story of Lukas Robinson, affectionately known as “RobinPoker,” stands out as a beacon of inspiration and determination. As someone who has seen the poker world from all angles, I can assure you, Lukas’ journey is not just a story of cards and chips; it’s a narrative of resilience, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of passion.

The Early Days

So, who is Lukas Robinson, and how did he carve his niche in the poker world? Born in the UK, Lukas’s tryst with poker began much earlier than most. Like many poker enthusiasts, his initial foray into the game was more recreational than professional. But there’s a twist in every poker player’s tale, isn’t there? For Lukas, the turning point came when he decided to quit his job at a fish and chip shop. Yes, you read that right. It’s not every day that someone trades frying fish for flopping aces, but Lukas did just that, driven by a burning desire to do something he truly loved.

Breaking Records

In 2021, Lukas took the poker community by storm, not just with his skills at the table but with his endurance and charisma off it. He embarked on what can only be described as a Herculean task: streaming 1,000 hours of poker on Twitch in 100 days. Imagine, 1,000 hours! That’s like watching the entire “Game of Thrones” series about 12 times over, but instead of dragons and white walkers, it is bluffs and bad beats. This feat not only shattered previous records but also catapulted him into poker stardom, bringing in sponsorship deals and a rapidly growing fan base.

Lukas Robinson at the WSOP

The Roller Coaster of Tournament Poker

Lukas’s poker exploits are not limited to the digital realm. He has also made significant strides in live poker tournaments. In 2023 alone, he made deep runs in both the UK Poker Championship and the Dublin Poker Festival. Additionally, he claimed victory in the Sunday Party at PartyPoker, netting a cool $13,731. His live tournament record is peppered with impressive cashes, demonstrating his versatility and adaptability across different formats and stakes.

A Blend of Skill, Strategy, and Showmanship

What sets Lukas apart in the competitive world of poker? It’s a combination of raw skill, strategic acumen, and a flair for entertainment. Lukas has mastered the art of keeping viewers glued to their screens, not just with his poker prowess but also his engaging personality. He’s a streamer who knows the importance of connecting with his audience, making poker not just a game to be played, but a spectacle to be enjoyed.

Game of Gold

Adding a thrilling chapter to his poker story, Lukas participated in the innovative poker reality TV show “Game of Gold.” This show, a novel concoction of poker and reality TV, was hosted by GGPoker in Seoul, South Korea. It featured 16 top poker talents, including Lukas, competing in a one-of-a-kind format that blended traditional poker dynamics with the excitement of a reality show.


In “Game of Gold,” Lukas was a member of Team Hearts, alongside notable players like David Williams and Andy Stacks. The show’s format was a series of Sit & Go tournaments where players vied for gold coins, crucial for their survival and progress in the competition. These coins were later converted into big blinds for the final showdown, where only one player would walk away with a staggering $456,000 prize.


Lukas’s journey in the show demonstrated his adaptability and strategic thinking. He initially seized an early lead in one of the episodes but faced elimination after a critical hand against Johan Guilbert. Despite this setback, his participation in “Game of Gold” underscored his ability to engage with new and challenging formats, further establishing his versatility as a poker player.


“Game of Gold” was lauded for its fresh take on poker entertainment, merging high-stakes poker’s intensity with reality TV drama. It offered a new perspective on the game and highlighted the diverse personalities of the participating players. Lukas’s involvement in this groundbreaking show adds a fascinating dimension to his poker career, showcasing his ability to navigate different forms of the game with skill and finesse.

Lucas Robinson from England. Total Winnings: Unknown. Professional Poker Streamer.

Overcoming Challenges

Every poker player knows that the path to success is rarely a straight flush. Lukas’s journey was no different. During his streaming marathon, he faced significant downswings, risking his bankroll and testing his mental fortitude. However, Lukas’s ability to stay focused, adapt, and overcome these challenges speaks volumes about his character and resilience as a player. It’s a reminder to us all that poker is as much a mental game as it is one of cards.

The Future of Poker and Streaming

As we look to the future, Lukas Robinson stands as a trailblazer at the intersection of poker and streaming. His journey is a testament to the evolving landscape of poker, where the traditional image of smoke-filled rooms and hushed tones is giving way to a vibrant, digital, and interactive era. Lukas is not just playing a game; he’s crafting a new narrative for poker in the 21st century.

A Story Still Being Written

Lukas Robinson’s story is far from over. His ambition, skill, and passion for poker promise more chapters in this fascinating journey. For those of us who love the game, Lukas isn’t just a player to watch; he’s a source of inspiration, a reminder that with dedication and love for the game, the turn and the river can sometimes lead to the most unexpected and rewarding destinations.


As we continue to watch Lukas’s career unfold, one thing is certain: his story is one that will be talked about in poker circles for years to come, not just for the records he’s broken or the tournaments he’s won, but for the way he’s reshaped our understanding of what it means to be a poker player in the modern era.