The meteoric rise of Michael Soyza in the world of professional poker is a narrative filled with dramatic victories, strategic brilliance, and a deep passion for the game. From the humble beginnings of casual games to the high stakes of international poker tournaments, Soyza’s journey is a compelling story of determination, skill, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Humble Beginnings

Soyza’s foray into poker began with casual games with friends, a common starting point for many poker enthusiasts. This was a time for learning the ropes, understanding the nuances of the game, and building a foundation for what was to become a remarkable career in poker. His initial view of poker as a mere form of gambling gradually transformed into a recognition of its strategic depth and complexity.

Rising Through the Ranks

Soyza’s professional poker career is adorned with significant triumphs. His impressive track record includes key victories at prestigious events like the Aussie Millions in 2015 and 2016, the 2017 Poker King Cup Main Event, and multiple events in the 2018 Macau Poker Cup, Asia Pacific Poker Tour, DeepStack Championship, and European Poker Tour. 


One of his most notable achievements was at the Triton Poker Series in Jeju, where he won the third event with a prize of $1.421 million, overcoming top players like Sam Greenwood, Bryn Kenney, and Jason Koon, while suffering the effects of a broken hand sustained from snowboarding.

Michael Soyza on Game of Gold

A Stellar 2023 Performance

In 2023, Soyza’s poker prowess continued to shine. He secured second place in the $100,000 Main Event of the Triton Super Series in Vietnam, bagging $2,207,000. This was followed by another victory in the $75,000 No Limit Hold’em event at the Triton Series in Cyprus, where he won $1,735,000.

More Than Just a Player: Business Acumen

Beyond the felt, Soyza has proven himself a savvy businessman. He is one of the owners of the Asian Poker Tour (APT), a tour dedicated to promoting poker across Asia. The APT has organized several significant tournaments, continually breaking records and elevating the standard of poker tournaments in the region.

Michael Soyza from Malaysia. Total Winnings: $14,628,202. 2 Triton Poker Championship Titles. 1 Asia Poker Tour (APT) Title. APPT Super High Roller Champion. High Stakes Poker Professional

Game of Gold

Michael Soyza’s participation in the “Game of Gold,” a unique blend of poker and reality TV, showcased his poker skills in a novel and challenging environment. This show, hosted by Ali Nejad, brought together sixteen elite poker players, including Soyza, in a competition that was as much about strategy and skill as it was about navigating the dynamics of reality TV.


In “Game of Gold,” players were divided into teams based on playing card suits – hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds. Soyza was a part of Team Clubs, along with other notable players like Jason Koon, Daniel Negreanu, and Kevin Martin. The show’s format was unique, with players starting with a certain number of Gold Coins and participating in a series of matches to increase their stash. The number of coins determined their advantage in the final part of the competition.


The show differed from traditional poker tournaments as it incorporated elements of team strategy and collaboration, making it a distinct challenge for the players who are generally accustomed to competing individually. Throughout the show, the players had to navigate not only the poker games but also the intricacies of team dynamics and reality TV-style challenges.


“Game of Gold” stood out for its innovative approach, combining the intensity and skill of high-level poker with the dramatic and unpredictable elements of reality television. The show was set in the style of Korean reality TV, featuring a high number of cameras, elaborate sets, and constant player interaction, adding a new layer to the traditional poker broadcast.


Despite the unique challenges and pressure of this format, Soyza’s participation in “Game of Gold” demonstrated his adaptability and skill in diverse poker environments. The show was a fresh take on poker entertainment, blending the thrill of the game with the entertainment value of reality TV. 


“Game of Gold” was a testament to Soyza’s versatility as a poker player, showcasing his ability to compete not just in traditional poker tournaments but also in innovative formats that test both poker skills and strategic thinking in a team setting.

A Versatile and Fearless Competitor

Soyza’s success isn’t just limited to traditional formats; he has shown remarkable versatility and adaptability, emerging victorious in various poker formats like Omaha, Short Deck, and Turbo Hold’em. His fearless approach and ability to compete against the best in the world have earned him respect and admiration within the poker community.

Interviews and Insights

In his interviews, Soyza has shared insights into his thoughts on poker, highlighting his love for classic No Limit Hold’em and his appreciation for the efforts of organizations like Triton to cater to players’ needs. These interviews offer a deeper understanding of his strategic thinking and approach to the game.


Michael Soyza’s journey in the poker world is a testament to his relentless pursuit of success, his adaptability, and his unquenchable thirst for victory. His story is not just about winning big pots but about the relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth, making him a phenomenal figure in the world of poker.