Part 6 – October 1st, 2018 through November 30th, 2018

Originally posted: October 1st, 2018

Free universal Smart HUD

Our philosophy is all about levelling the playing field. While our views on fairness between HUD and gut players haven’t changed, we’re rolling out Smart HUD as a happy middle ground. Built to suit players on both sides of the argument, whilst simultaneously allowing gut players a free slice of the technical side. The HUD displays unique information as per your chosen game.

Smart HUD cash game features

Your luck stat for a given day displays as a clover badge beside your avatar. A heat index, indicated by a flaming clover badge, provides a clear picture of your win/loss and current mindset, win/loss visualizations by opponent – that’s right, comparing your all time rungood against your nemesis – as well as a breakdown of your biggest hands, with easily-shared corresponding hand moments.

AoF Smart HUD

A player’s all-in percentage and calling habits is now shown at AoF tables – useful information for light calls and tricky steals in this all-bravado variant. Let’s add some science to the proceedings.

Tournament Smart HUD

Your tournament position, and that of others, is displayed beside your avatar – no more distracting click-trips to the lobby. Additionally, total tournament winnings and current LB ranking is displayed for every player. heat indexes and chip graphs – it’s all a click way.

Change the way you play,
Mike at GGPoker

Originally posted: October 8th, 2018

Shroom’s 2nd Royal Flush Jackpot

Another day, another jackpot. Evidently favoured by the poker Gods high on their chip mountain, Shroom hits his 2nd Royal Flush Big Hand Jackpot for $438.

Re-live Shrooms first effort when he flopped a Royal Flush for $687.

Make yourself jelly watching last month’s Jackpot wins.

Originally posted: October 10th, 2018

Huge $80K Jackpot win

Another week, another jackpot. This week’s winner is h0neybadger, who hit a straight flush for $80K 

online poker All in or Fold Jackpot winner

at $25/$50 AOF tables. What moniker more appropriate than an animal fearless in pursuit, coursing with adrenal berzerk as it charges toward larger foes. Honey might be sweet, but this ground-dinosaur isn’t.

That’s enough money to buy a racehorse, with change left over for a mound of shoes or a chocolate computer. $80,602.42; you could be next.

Originally posted: October 17th, 2018

GGPoker Gladiators

Introductory remarks

For the first time in force, our stable of killers takes to the field. Featuring the dangerous minds that, combined, gave birth to the poker site you see today, we’re hitting the road for one night only.

One live event, five players, a lifetime of in-office mocking. Reputations are on the line, as well as cash and bragging rights. Still though, the stakes could be higher. That’s where you come in – choose a horse, wait on the sidelines with yellow slip in-hand, win cash prizes. If you choose our winner correctly, you get a prize.

The gladiators:

Name: GGPoker Paul
Poker preference: Turbo Hold’em MTTs
Experience: Live and online since 2004 (eek I’m old!)
Biggest cash: Live: $10,111 Online: $2,100
Favourite hands: KK works for me
Special skills: The ability to fold for hours and hours
X-Factors: Am a dab hand at chip shuffling

Name: GGPoker Mike
Poker preference: 
Biggest cash: 
You can win money?
Favourite hands:
Special skills:
 None mentionable
 I don’t watch X-Factor

Name: GGPoker Sam
Poker preference:
 Loose Aggressive
 Over 10 years
Biggest cash:
 No comment 😉
Favourite hands:
Special skills:
 Variation of my mind
 Play the least I can, because I want to play every time.

Name: GGPoker Dylan
Poker preference: Dealers Choice
Experience: Mainly inebriated
Biggest cash: $1,100
Favourite hands: Winning ones
Special skills: Can balance a plate of food on the edge of a poker table
X-Factors: Slightly above average hearing

Name: GGPoker Dave
Poker preference: Hold’em all day. Preferably with KO bounties too.
Experience: Over a decade
Biggest cash: $16,500
Favourite hands: QJs – it just looks so nice
Special skills: Machiavellian bluffer, chicanery, conjuration magicks
X-Factors: Immune to the slightest human suffering

Closing statements

Tune in on Friday or Monday for the post-fight commentary sesh, where I’ll be deifying the winners, lauding the losers and breaking down how it went how it went.

Originally posted: November 8th, 2018

Introducing Karlencho

A razor wit matched only only by poker skill Karlencho, team GGPoker’s newest member, walks the tightrope of poker’s dual face, satisfying longtime pros and delighting casuals alike. If banter be your call, we’ll see you there.

Karl’s large fanbase, ravenous for fresh cuts, keep the content churning fresh, with daily updates on social media. Check his channels out below:





A savvy streamer, Karlencho’s awesome community are guaranteed to make you feel welcome while you’re enjoying the great streams:


Originally posted: November 14th, 2018

Why Crypto Currency is Perfect for Poker

Until recently it seemed Crypto might be the latest flash-in-the-pan craze everyone and their mother obsessed over before it disappearing quickly as it came; remember Google + and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds? After a period of volatile fluctuation however, the market settled and Cryptocurrency here to stay.

Striking when the iron glows, GGPoker prides itself on being among the first online poker websites permitting account funding using brave and curious new future-monies! Our crypto processor is available to coin enthusiasts in many regions, continually updating in the game cashier to support the newest coins.

Why use Crypto when playing poker?

It’s not all trend and looking cool. Everyone wants to be an influencer, lapping the curve and predicting what’s next, but there’s so much more. For instance, can you truly feel like a Blade Runner with a pocketful of metal coins weighing you down? Not exactly. Can you feel the above laden with cryptocoins? Yes. We’ve tried.

Crypto is the new kid on the block dunking on the old guard, offering safe, secure and rapid deposits, while promising a flexibility missing from other modern online options. Withdrawal times are reduced from days to seconds, fleet as any other method of moving funds from a poker room to your own wallet, or vice versa.

Is Crypto for me?

“But me? I don’t know anything about crypto.” Well, who says you have to? It’s easier than ever to secure an e-wallet and get spending within the same day. It’s simple as a signing-up and hitting go. You won’t need to use a credit card to deposit or withdraw once you are crypto ready, your e-wallet full of your preferred coins will be all that’s required.

Visit our website’s deposit and withdrawal webpages, choose your country from the dropdown and check is Crypto available for your region, then open the app’s cashier page for a list of the most recent supported coins. From Doge to Lite, Bitcoin to Ethereum and back again, it’s a whole new world of cyber-currencies.

Feel the pulse of the crypto industry throb against your fingertips. The future is today.

Gil, creds, bottlecaps. Relics now.

Mike at GGPoker

Originally posted: November 20th, 2018

Congrats IrEgption + GSS Twitch activities

GGS is in full swing. Our titans have made a proving ground of the GGPoker felt. With so much action, it’s time to take a chance and dive in.

Hall of Heroes

Day 2 saw $110,000 awarded across eight events. GGPoker’s own IrEgption (a.k.a HangulMalMateyo on the virtual felt) scalped the competition to win GGS #019 for a cool $2,043. Congratulations sir, you were tested at the highest level and you were not found wanting.

Prefer watching?

Team GGPoker has your poker action covered; hit up Scrimitizu, Karlencho, Vanessa Kade, ShroomtheRiver, Pete804 and IrEgption on Twitch for your daily fix of GGS events and daily major tournaments, including our newly-introduced Daily Black Series tournaments.

Stay tuned for more highlights throughout the festivities. Best of luck to all of Team GGPoker, and to you, the players, who make GGPoker what it is.


Mike at GGPoker

Originally posted: November 21st, 2018

Congrats Scrimitzu – $4K cash on Twitch

GGS hails! Much news to impart. Items of greater import involve not one, but TWO members of team GGPoker cashing big this week.

First IrEgption shipped GGS event #19 for a cool $2K, since celebrated and mythologized with a congratulatory post. There’s 129 events total across GGS. Herakles completed only 12 labours and lived forever. How many will it take for you?

Scrimitizu hit the felt with something to prove and won his biggest ever Twitch cash, delightedly concluding his stream with $4K in hand. An original team GG member since the dark days, all the way through to our first $3 million GGS series, which is a journey fruitful as it was frustrating.

Scrim has been one of our biggest supporters from day 1, and we couldn’t be happier to see someone so deserving make a big score.


Why Scrim? More like why not Scrim? Scrim is a born-entertainer. Whether it’s kooky streams brimming with character, zany homemade graphics or pure poker skills you want, head over to Twitch to check Scrimitzu out for yourself.

Huge congratulations to this legend, on-felt and off. Can’t wait to see what’s next for the stream.

OK, that’s enough minstrelling. Besides, this image tightpocketz shooped adequately captures the beautiful adrenal excitement of a poker win.

Originally posted: November 23rd, 2018

PokerTalk: ShroomtheRiver

Long-time players will instantly recognize ShroomtheRiver. He’s basically GGPoker’s version of James Bond; a one man banter-cannon and well-oiled poker machine from Albion.

Shroom’s daily streams are hilarious, packed with japes and nods, pulsing beats and running commentary to die for.

If you have room on your calendar, there’s room from Shroom. He’s great. Why not hear it from the horse’s mouth? We sat down with the man himself to poke him for answers.

Q1: So, let’s start where all stories should, at the beginning. What’s your first memory of playing poker?
Shroom: I first started playing with my nan when I was around 6 or 7. It was only 3 card poker but there was always something at stake, whether it was sweets or pocket money! Whatever I lost usually found its way back to me (plus a little extra) when I left though.

Q2: You’re propped up at the bar. It’s late. There’s a crumpled menu in front of you, with a special drink listed at the bottom with a warning. It’s called ‘ShroomTheRiver’. “Barman”, you gurgle, finger landing on the word on the menu while you sway wildly, “What’s in a ShroomTheRiver?”. So, tell us, what would be in a drink named after you?
Shroom: Something seriously strong & sickeningly sweet – think Disaronno/McDonald’s milkshake (classy, I know). I’m told they serve a pretty mean milkshake at the full moon party in Thailand!

Q3: A question we ask everyone – what’s your favourite video game?
Shroom: I haven’t played it in a while, but the game that brings back the most nostalgia for me is Runescape. I can remember sneaking downstairs as a kid at 3 in the morning on school nights to squeeze in a few hours of mining before everyone would start waking up. I’d often spend weeks building up a small fortune before losing it all betting on fights at the duel arena and starting over. Haha.

Q4: Give us the paydirt Shroom – What’s your most embarrassing poker moment?
Shroom: Oh God…I actively try to repress this memory so putting it into words should be fun! I was playing 1 / 2 at the Hippodrome after a shift at work and had won a pretty huge pot early in the session with KK vs JJ & AA on KJx. Not long after I’m in another big pot. I can’t remember the action too well but I find myself on the river facing a largish bet with a busted draw & I desperately shove as a last ditch attempt to take it down. Seems that as well as not being very good at the game back then, I also wasn’t the best at keeping track of bet/stack sizes because it turns out my all-in wasn’t even a min raise. The guy snap called and those awkward few seconds ensued where everybody’s looking at me to turn my hand over.  I come to the crashing realization that I’ve got air in the most atrociously played hand and after some deliberation I sheepishly muck. Whispers and smirks inevitably broke out around the table and I just wanted the ground to swallow me up whole. It must’ve left a scar because it’s been almost 8 years and I haven’t been back there since!

Q5: What can viewers expect from your stream? What’s an average day?
Shroom: Terrible singing, average poker & out of this world dance moves. All jokes aside, I think the great thing is that I never really know what a stream is going to look like. I mean, I have cash games running alongside a detailed commentary as the glue that holds everything together, but aside from that I approach every stream with an open mind and just see where it goes. Some days I’m timing out left right and center because I’m cutting shapes to song requests and other days I’m fighting to keep up with the chat because we’re 3 hours into a discussion on AI.

Q6: We know Benyamin has his orange and Brunson has Dolly the card protector, do you have any good-luck charms or strange rituals?
Shroom: No good luck charms (perhaps that’s what I’m missing) but I suppose my need for neat chip stacks could be considered a ritual. 5 years of working as a croupier must’ve taken their toll…

Q7: Tunes; the Twitch constant. I can’t recall a single time that we hit up your stream that didn’t have bangers playing, and usually yourself body popping in the corner. Got a favourite song or artist?
If I had to name one song then it’d be “Raze – Break 4 Love”. When I was young and naive and listening to Dubstep and God knows what else my older, wiser sister came into my room after a night out and pestered me to play this one. I of course told her it was rubbish but secretly liked it and to this day it remains as one of my all time favorites.

Q8: Favourite thing about GGPoker?
Shroom: Some might say the endless promotions, others the copious amounts of rakeback, maybe even the softness of the pools… For me (and it’s not even close) – it’s the emotes. Nothing beats a good “You suck!” as you knock one of your moderators out of the freeroll!

With that let’s leave and love you. Thanks so much for your time. Hopefully players reading can glean some of your fantastic personality and are drawn to your stream like spumeward moths toward a distant lighthouse.