What do you dream about? For some people, dreams are simple, fleeting thoughts, ephemeral ideas that keep them happy for the moment. For others, dreams are the driving force behind a torrential ideal, pushing and motivating one to the forefront. Dreams can be anything and for some of us, one of those dreams is to be the best at something… anything. 

Growing up, we were surrounded by images of peak performance. Sports were everywhere we looked, and everywhere we looked were these Adonises. Perfect picturesque portraits of prime professionals performing in their position with particular precision, and at some point we decided that we were going to be the next Messi or Jordan or Ali. We dreamt of making that final score to win the championship or gold medal, heroes to the next generation, being remembered throughout time. The fleeting dreams that would keep us awake at night while we ignored the reality of it. For me, it was hockey. I was, like every single one of the neighborhood kids, going to be the next Wayne Gretzky. I would be the first to score 900 goals and have over 3,000 points. I would win the Stanley Cup every year. Maybe I should have spent more time exercising and less time dreaming. But that’s what happens. As we get older, the more fleeting dreams meet reality and start to fade and there is nothing wrong with that. Always being the shortest kid in the class, it should have occurred to me sooner, but I held that dream for a long time… but I digress.

Dreams are the untapped universe of possibility, where anything and everything can be real.    While most of us eventually realized that we were not going to be able to reach these stars, there was one bright light that could be reached. Las Vegas.

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The bright lights of this desert city, a modern day marvel of technology and ingenuity, the City of Dreams. What was originally a railroad town and refueling stop with a population of under 1,000 people has grown to be the 26th largest city in the USA and one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world with almost 40 million visitors every year. The dream of Las Vegas is more than just visiting Sin City, taking a helicopter ride over the Hoover Dam, or winning the jackpot against one of the flashy one-arm bandits. The dream, for many of us, is the same as it always was, to become a world champion and the game of poker is something in which everyone can compete. And the millions of dollars that you can win at the World Series of Poker is a nice bonus.

This year, Las Vegas hosts the 54th World Series of Poker. This pinnacle of poker championships attracts tens of thousands of players from around the world, all of whom make their way to the Neon City as they attempt to make their dreams come true and GGPoker is going to help.

To celebrate this year’s event, GGPoker is guaranteeing at least 500 seats for the Main Event through Daily Satellites and 100 more seats guaranteed on ClubGG. That’s at least 600 poker players that will be one step closer to achieving their dream. With a minimum of 600 seats available through various tournaments and satellites starting March 19th, you will have dozens of chances to qualify.

Buying into the WSOP Main Event at GGPoker, the only official online site to qualify for the World Series of Poker, either through a direct buy-in or qualifying through the satellite series, is not only the easiest way to qualify for Las Vegas but also the most EV+. You will be able to buy in directly or qualify through direct entry satellite tournaments that start as low as $20.23 or make your way through the Step Satellite series that have buy-ins starting at $1. In addition, there will also be freeroll tournaments for tickets to the Step Series so you could end up a millionaire and the World Series of Poker Main Event Champion for free!

Everyone who wins a package through GGPoker will win their $10,000 Main Event buy-in, 7 nights of accommodation at the Horseshoe Las Vegas Hotel & Casino (including the resort fee), and $1,000 to help cover travel expenses.

And, because GGPoker is truly all about the player, we are putting up a bonus of $1,000,000. This Million Dollar Bonus will be given to the winner of the World Series of Poker Main Event, but only players who qualify or buy-in through GGPoker, will be eligible to win this bonus.

The City that Never Sleeps awaits your arrival and achieving your dreams is closer than it has ever been and GGPoker wants to be at your side. With constant satellites and daily tournaments to help you qualify on your schedule, we want to party with you in Las Vegas. Let’s make your dream a reality on the Road to Vegas!

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