The Battle of Malta – Week 3 

The battle continues to rage. The morale of the troops waxes and wanes with the tides as we gain some ground and lose it just as quickly. We have seen our companions, our friends, our brothers-at-arms fall to the enemy. The cruel fate that snatches our Aces from the chalice of victory and tosses them most ignominiously into the jaws of defeat. Our stacks get bolstered through small skirmishes as we steal the blinds, only to be driven back by a monster straight hidden by the river. I do not know how much longer we can hold out, but we must. The promises of glory await at the end as we continue for the Battle of Malta! 

From Friday morning through Sunday evening, the Battle of Malta online poker series continued with 3 Main Events, 35 Side events, dozens of Daily tournaments and daily guaranteed packages to the live Battle of Malta Main Event. All this while the knights of GGPoker continue to fight for one of the 25 coveted seats available through the Battle of Malta leaderboard. There was over €5,500,000 offered in guarantees this past Sunday weekend spread over the 38 tournaments and while we would love to review each of them we just can’t. If you want to see the results from any of the other tournaments, you can find them through the GGPoker lobby in the PokerCraft app.

#10: Three-Cities Challenge

The first of the main events in the Battle of Malta this weekend was Saturday’s €330 buy-in Three-Cites Challenge. This tournament offered a €150,000 guarantee which brought 494 players. This created a total prize pool of €151,608.60. This event lasted over 8 hours before ‘In-it2minit’ was able to lay claim to the €27,165.40 top prize and the victory over ‘Lokimon’.

#11: Grand Harbour Superstack

Main event #11: Grand Harbour Superstack was a €550 buy-in NLHE tournament with a €500,000 guarantee and 220 minutes of late registration. This big buy-in slow structure tournament attracted 1,428 players, creating a massive prize pool of €746,130. It took over 11 hours for this battle to come to a close and in the end it was ‘Runnersx2’ who took home the top prize of €105,113.29 after defeating ‘Mr_3rdBullet’ who earned €79,239.30 for second place.

#12: Siege of Malta Bounty MILLION$

One Million Euro was available to be won in Event #12: Siege of Malta Bounty. Day 1’s for this event had been running constantly for a week with the last of them finishing just 15 minutes prior to the Final Day. When the counts were tallied, 13,534 players had paid the €105 buy-in for the Day 1’s of which just 2,145 of them survived to the start of the Final Day. The Final Day of this massive event took 9 hours to complete. When everything was settled and the last hand dealt, it was ‘Kasparas Klezys’ who stood as the lone survivor in the Siege of Malta. For the victory, ‘Kasparas Klezys’ earned €81,977.48 including €31,469.27 in bounties.

Heading to Malta

In addition to all of the exciting tournament action from the weekend, some of which is highlighted above, was the multiple tournaments with guaranteed packages to the Live Battle of Malta Main Event. This live tournament series offers some of the best mid-stakes live tournament action in Europe. Taking place in October on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta, where the original Battle of Malta occurred, the Main Event is offering a €1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool and GGPoker is hosting daily satellite tournaments to the event. To date, a total of 169 players have qualified for the Live Main Event seats, including 59 players who have won a seat and stay in a 5-star hotel for the duration of the tournament. There is still a lot of time to qualify and dozens of guaranteed seats available, including 25 available through the Leaderboard challenge, so don’t miss out on your chance to play in one of the best mid-stakes live tournaments in Europe.

Coming Up Next…

The next big events in the Battle of Malta are event #13 Gladiator 6-Max €330 – €200,000 guarantee – on July 26th and #14 Bounty for the King €525 – €300,000 guarantee – on July 28th. These two tournaments already have daily satellites running. And don’t forget about the big one, event #18: Main Event which will play out its final day on Sunday July 31st. This is the grand finale in the Battle of Malta. Set as a straight NLHE tournament, event #18 is offering a €2,500,000 guarantee, the largest of the series. A robust series of Day 1’s, with an equally robust series of satellites, for this tournament started running last week to ensure there is an entry tournament that fits your schedule so you don’t miss out on the Battle of Malta.

Good luck at the tables!

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