The Battle of Malta – Final Weekend

We have reached the castle, our goal is within reach. We are tired and worn. So many of our friends lie dying in the mud, slain during the battles. Our supplies are low and our commanders tired, you can see it in their eyes, but we have reached the object of our conquest. The enemy appears tired and gaunt. If we can breach the outer wall, we will be able to proclaim victory and the end of the war. We are all exhausted but with some renewed vigor we will finally finish victoriously in the Battle of Malta!

We enter the final weekend of the Online Battle of Malta Poker Tournament Series at GGPoker. To date, over €30,000,000 has been won from just €18.5M in guarantees. This weekend is another big one, the biggest of the series, with another €7.75 Million guaranteed and 32 seats to the Live Battle of Malta in October. Get comfortable as we review the results from the past week and prepare for the final battle!

#13: Gladiator 6-Max

Event #13, Gladiator 6-Max was a €330 buy-in NLHE tournament with a €200,000 guarantee. When late registration closed, 3 hours into the event, a total of 778 players had entered creating a prize pool of €238,768.20. It took just over 5.25 hours after late registration to complete. In the end it was ‘FreshMeat!’ who remained as the last gladiator standing, earning €37,314.99 for the victory.

#14: Bounty for the King

We collected the bounty for the Queen last week in event #9 so this week it was time to get the King. Event #14: Bounty for the King was a €525 buy-in progressive bounty tournament guaranteeing a €300,000 prize pool. With 205 minutes of late registration available, this tournament saw 848 players take up arms to battle for the King’s bounty. It took just under 8 hours 20 minutes for the final bounty to be collected. When the event was completed, it was ‘ImMajamu’, who earned €28,526.59, being defeated by ‘Almazik93’ who earned €47,407.25 for the win including €30,582.10 in bounties.

The Side Events

Just like last week, there were 39 other events associated with the Battle of Malta Online Poker Series. You can always look at the in-client app PokerCraft if you want to see the details and winner of all of the tournaments as there are too many to review here. However, to give you a taste of what happened, we will look at the 2 biggest daily guarantees from each day of this past week, the Bounty Hunters Malta €52.50 and the Bounty Hunters HR Malta €525. These events offered guarantees of €120,000, except the Wednesday Bounty Hunters HR which guaranteed €110,000, and ran daily through the duration of the online poker tournament series.  

Monday’s pair of events saw 3,167 and 294 players respectively enter, creating prize pools of €158,350 for the lower buy-in and €147,000 for the High Rollers. At the end of the events, it was ‘ArmadAA’ who won the €52.50 event for €16,143.69 and ‘xzbtT’ who claimed victory in the €525 buy-in event, earning €24,837.16.  

As expected from the previous week, Tuesday saw a small decline in the participants of the €52.50 event, with 3,141 players joining, while the High Roller event saw an increase in participants with 305 players partaking. The High Roller event saw a prize pool of €152,500 with ‘cepsil304’ earning the biggest share with €15,547.90 in bounties and a total of €25,399.97 for the win. In the €52.50 buy-in, it was ‘ComeLetsGo’ earning the victory for a total prize of €13,221.72.

 The Wednesday Bounty Hunters Malta €52.50 collected a total of 3,130 players and created a prize pool of €156,500, beating the €120,000 guarantee. It took 8 hours for ‘Wang369’ to take the championship and earn €15,671.96 for the work. Meanwhile, in the High Rollers, 305 players signed up, creating a prize pool identical to Tuesday of €152,500, exceeding the €110,000 guarantee. Taking just under 8 hours to complete, it was ‘Zombie Chow’ defeating ‘Georgi Sandev’ to earn the €25,174.38 top prize, including €15,322.31 in bounties. 

The Thursday editions of these two tournaments both took over 8 hours to complete. The High Roller version attracted 397 players creating a prize pool of €198,500 while the €52.50 buy-in had 3,096 players join creating a prize pool of €154,800. The High Roller event was won by ‘Nisiti’ who earned €27,261.33 while the €52.50 saw ‘Striker77’ end victorious earning €11,417.12. 

Other big winners, players who earned more than €10K in a single cash, in the Battle of Malta Online Poker Tournament series this week include ‘Testosterone’, ‘MaShallah’, ‘jerryv36’, ‘icedavid’, ‘Salvinho23’, ‘TennEggGuy’ and ‘VIVAGGPOKER’.

Heading to Malta – Seats and Packages

In addition to all of the tournament excitement above, even more guaranteed seats or packages to the Live Battle of Malta Main Event were won this past week. This live tournament series offers some of the best mid-stakes live tournament action in Europe. Taking place in October on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta, the Main Event is offering a €1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool and GGPoker is hosting daily satellite tournaments to the event. The ‘Road to Malta’ tournaments guarantee seats daily with buy-ins as low as €55 for a seat only and €125 for the whole package, not to mention the various sub-satellites where a player could win a seat for as little as €6. These tournaments normally have small fields and take less than 2 hours to complete. A hearty congratulations to each of the 70 players that have already won a package and the additional 119 that have won their seats. We look forward to seeing you in Malta and hope you find continued success.

Coming Up Next…

The final weekend brings the final main events in the Battle of Malta. The only event on Saturday July 30th, is event #15: St. Julian’s Bounty Feast €105 buy-in €125K guarantee. The last day of the series, Sunday July 31st, hosts the final 3: event #16:  GGMasters Royal Championship €1,050 offering a €1,000,000 guarantee, event #17 Omaholic Crusaders Bounty Quest and its €100,000 guarantee and finally Event #18: Main Event, €2.5M Guaranteed Final Day. Events #15, #16 and #17 have satellites running constantly, while Event #18 has, as of writing this, seventeen Day 1’s available to play and satellites into the Day 1’s. 

Good luck at the tables!

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