The Battle of Malta – The Final Battle

It is done. The battle has finally ended. So many of my fellow knights fell to the almighty cards but for those of us who survived, we can finally go home. So much war, so much battle, so much treasure, so much glory. Those of us who made it through saw great treasure. Millions were handed out, some for the bounties collected from our fallen comrades and some just as payment for surviving the online Battle of Malta tournament series.

From Friday morning through Sunday evening, the Battle of Malta online poker series ran to its completion with 3 Main Events, 34 Side events, dozens of Daily tournaments and daily guaranteed packages to the live Battle of Malta Main Event. All this while the players were making the final push for one of the 25 seats on the Battle of Malta leaderboard. There was over €7,000,000 offered in guarantees over the weekend and over €10,000,000 won through the 37 tournaments. While we would love to review there is just too much. If you want to see the results from any of the other tournaments, you can find them through the GGPoker lobby in the PokerCraft app. 

#15: St. Julian’s Bounty Feast

The first of the weekend main events for the final weekend of the Battle of Malta was event #15: St. Julian’s Bounty Feast. The €105 buy-in tournament attracted 1,993 players for the €125,000 guarantee, creating a total prize pool of €199,300. It took over 8.75 hours for ‘KumisMan228’ to claim victory and the €20,378.42 top prize including €12,718.68 in bounties.

#16: GGMasters Royal Championship

The GGMasters Royal Championship, event #16, was next on the schedule and the first main event on the final day of the tournament series. The €1,050 buy-in tournament had 1,083 players sign up creating a prize pool of €1,083,000, surpassing the €1 Million guarantee. It took over 12.5 hours, the longest single day event of this series, for this tournament to come to a close. When it finally completed, it was ‘1uckyf1sh’ who defeated ‘pelaguacha’ for the victory and the top prize of €149,945.47.

#17: Omaholic Crusader Bounty Quest

The second last main event of the Battle of Malta Online Main Events, Event #17: Omaholic Crusader Bounty Quest offered a €100,000 guarantee. The €210 buy-in for this tournament, in conjunction with the guarantee, attracted 666 players. It took 7.75 hours to play down to the end which saw ‘silverplat’ defeating ‘Ioannis Konstas’ for the title and €16,464.60 including €11,058.64 earned from bounties. 

#18: Main Event

And finally it was here. The granddaddy of the Battle of Malta Online Main Events, Event #18: The Main Event. This final major tournament of the series offered a massive €2,500,000 guarantee. With Day 1’s running for the better part of 2 weeks, everyone had an opportunity to qualify for the €550 buy-in event. When the final Day 1 finished, a total of 7,104 players had entered the event and 1,132 remained to compete in the Final Day. Taking just over 8.25 hours to play out the final day which saw ‘Alister333’ earning €395,747.35 for his victory after defeating ‘G Manousos’ who earned €297,181.67 for second.

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Heading to Malta

In addition to all of the exciting tournament action from the concluding weekend, some of which is highlighted above, there were the multiple tournaments offering guaranteed seats and packages to the Live Battle of Malta Main Event. This live tournament series offers some of the best mid-stakes live tournament action in Europe. Taking place in October on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta, where the original Battle of Malta occurred, the Main Event offers a €1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool. As of the completion of the Battle of Malta Online Tournament series, 79 players have won full packages to the tournament while an additional 131 have secured seats through GGPoker. If you want to come and join us in Malta for this amazing event, there are still satellites running at GGPoker with guaranteed seats.

Coming Up Next…

With the online Battle of Malta completed, it is time to look to the next big series at GGPoker. Starting August 14th and running through September 25th, GGPoker is proud to present the World Series of Poker Online 2022. With a schedule full of events and official WSOP bracelets for the winners, the WSOP Online 2022 at GGPoker is the place to bear for all your poker needs.

Good Luck at the tables and we look forward to your next big win.