WSOP Online Series 2022 – Week 2

Week two of the 3rd annual World Series of Poker Online (WSOP-O), hosted by GGPoker; the world’s most prestigious poker tournament at the world’s biggest poker room has been completed. Since we last reported on this event, 7 World Series of Poker bracelets have been awarded and two more events are well underway, one of which should be completed today and the other tomorrow. 

Looking to the future, 5 World Series of Poker bracelet events are scheduled through next Sunday plus Day 1’s for the $20,000,000 Guaranteed WSOP Online Championship event #33 have already begun. The Guinness Record holding event will run the Final Day on Monday September 26th and with 7 more Day 1’s available to choose from, you have ample opportunity to join the excitement.

WSOP Bracelet Events

The $1,050 ($500+ $500 + $50) buy-in Event #4: Bounty Deepstack No-Limit Hold’em, which began Thursday August 18th, finished its day 2 at 02:26 UTC on August 20th. The 28.5 hour (including a break before the start of the final table) event had 986 players enter to vie for the championship bracelet. The event ended when ‘JESUSYAAZY’ knocked out ‘Wtfisthis’ to claim the final bounty for a total of $96,769.94 and the World Series of Poker online bracelet. 

Event #5 of the WSOP Online poker tournament series was a $315 ($150 +$150 +$15) buy-in 6-handed Bounty No-Limit event. Starting of August 20th with the final table scheduled for August 21st, this event attracted 2,312 players, creating a prize pool of $693,600. When the event concluded, it was ‘Marklanders1’ beating ‘ZWC8794’ for the top spot, biggest bounty award, a total of $60,714.05 and the WSOP Online bracelet.

The next event on the schedule was the $800 buy-in MONSTER STACK No-Limit Hold’em event #6. A total of 1,797 players joined the 2-day event to create a prize pool of $1,365,720.  With the top prize of $173,223.96, it was, as expected, a tough final table. When the last hand finished, it was ‘Jonas Lauch’ taking the top spot and the World Series of Poker Championship bracelet. The runner-up ‘Ilya Anatski’ earned $129,898.60 for second place.

Million Dollar Mystery Bounty

The early centerpiece of the World Series of Poker Online Tournament Series was the record setting Event #7: Million Dollar Mystery Bounty. This event, which claims the title of largest online mystery bounty ever hosted and the single largest online bounty ever offered, had a myriad of starting days (we did what we could to ensure that everyone had a chance to participate) and guaranteed a $10,000,000 prize pool including a $1,000,000 top bounty.

By the end of the day 1’s, a total of 51,003 players joined the festivities and a shot at the Million Dollar bounty. Of the total entrants, only 5,797 survived to day 2 to compete for the $10,200,600 prize pool. The event, which lasted almost 123 hours, saw 9 players earn more than $100K, 5 of whom earned more than $200K. The winner at the end of play was ‘PH14’ who earned $367,953.41 but only sat 3rd on the money list. ‘Ahmedkarrim’, who finished 17th, earned $483,387.41 but it was ‘ItsRumcake’ who found the top bounty and won the biggest share of the prize pool with $1,000,630 for finishing 713th.  

Tuesday August 23rd brough Event #8: 6-Handed No Limit Championship to the forefront. The $5,000 buy-in bracelet event intrigued 430 players enough to sign up and compete for a $2,042,500 prize pool. Taking just under 3 hours to complete the final table, it was ‘Daniele Sesta’ taking the top prize and bracelet for the event, earning $400,212.95. ‘WouldIlieToYOU’ finished 2nd for $289,361.76 and the top 5 all earned over $100,000 for their efforts.

Event #9 was a $525 ($250 + $250 + $25) buy-in Bounty Pot-Limit Omaha. While Omaha generally has fewer people playing, the lower buy-in for a World Series of Poker championship bracelet was enough to attract 1,142 players and a prize pool of $571,000. When the final day finished it was ‘Amichai Barer’ claiming victory with $60,888.87 in prizes and the coveted bracelet.

The Weekend Events

The weekend started with the $10,000 buy-in Heads Up NLH Championship. Capped at 128 players, the final 4 were set to play for their share of $702,146.66. The first round saw both ‘ D Sammartino’ and ‘wasabijoyu’ earn $93,619.55 each in their respective losses setting up a final between ‘Dimitar Danchev’ and ‘pikkKsuleln’. Taking just over 2.5 hours from the start of the final 2 tables, it was ‘Dimitar Danchev’ taking the top spot, the bracelet and $327,668.46. Hopefully runner up ‘pikkKsuleln’ is able to find solace in the $187,239.10 she/he earned.

Sunday August 28 played host to 2 WSOP Online bracelet events, the $400 buy-in Event #11: DOUBLE STACK Bounty No-Limit Hold’em and the $10,000 buy-in Event #12 Super MILLION$ High Roller NLH. 

The DOUBLE STACK Bounty event attracted a total of 3,550 players creating a prize pool of $1,349,000, pausing after 30 levels, the tournament restarted at 18:00 UTC today and, as of writing this, is down to the 45 players. They are all guaranteed to earn a minimum of $1,651.05 plus their bounties, most of which are well over $1,000. This event will play through completion today as the players fight for the WSOP Bracelet and the top prize of $51,498,30.

Event #12 Super MILLION$ High Roller, is scheduled to run day 2 on August 30 starting at 18:00 UTC. Day 1 saw an incredible 593 players pay the entry fee, creating a prize pool of $5,752,100. When play resumes, the final 9 players will compete for the remaining $3,890,733.19. Each player is guaranteed at least $123,195.45 with the top prize being $985,564.95. We wish the best of luck and strong play to each of these players.

Upcoming Events

This week, as the World Series of Poker continues, there are 5 more bracelet events running, in addition to the regular ‘blue barred’ WSOP events on GGPoker. First, on Monday August 29 is the final day of Event #13 MILLIONAIRE MAKER, a $5M guaranteed tournament with $1M guaranteed for first place. Tuesday, GGPoker plays host to Event #14, a $2,500 buy-in Deepstacks tournament. Thursday sees the $777  buy-in LUCKY SEVENS Bounty tournament start. And this weekend has $1,000 buy-in Ultra Deepstacks Event #16 and the $500 The BIG 500 Event #17 on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

The Main Event

In 2020, GGPoker set a Guinness World Record for the largest prize pool in an online poker tournament. This year we want to do it again. Day 2 for the Main Event is scheduled for Monday September 26 with 7 Day 1’s still scheduled to run. In addition to the World Series of Poker Online Poker Tournament Championship bracelet, GGPoker is guaranteeing a $20,000,000 prize pool and you can qualify directly for as little as $80, or play in the step satellites starting at $8. The final 4 for both 2020 and 2021 earned more than $1,000,000 for their efforts, with the winners receiving $3.9M and $2.5M. Who will be the newest millionaires and who will be crowned the 2022 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion? We look forward to seeing you at the tables and hopefully becoming the newest World Series of Poker Online Champion.

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