The final week of the 4th annual World Series of Poker Super Circuit, the world’s most prestigious poker tournament series, hosted by GGPoker; the world’s biggest poker room, has been come to an end, signaling the completion of the WSOP Super Circuit Series. The final 8 World Series of Poker rings, 4 for the Ontario-exclusive events and 4 for the rest of the world, have been awarded. While we sit back and contemplate our next move at GGPoker, ideas we will explore later, there are still a number of results to discuss, including Event #18: Super Circuit Main Event, a $525 buy-in hold’em tournament with a $300,000 guarantee for Ontario, and a $10,000,000 guarantee for the rest of the world. 


The first event of the final week of the World Series of Poker Super Circuit was Event #15: Pot Limit Omaha Championship. This $800 buy-in event attracted a total of 807 players and created a prize pool of $613,320, again leaving the $500,000 guarantee well in the rearview. Play did stop overnight and day 2 commenced the following day. When it finally concluded, it was ‘A Zlotnikov’ who won the event and earned $95,815.83 for the effort to go along with the WSOP Ring.

WSOP Circuit Ring Events

The Ontario version of the same event, Event #15: Pot Limit Omaha Championship, had the same $800 buy-in but with a smaller $50,000 guarantee. This version of the event attracted a total of 142 players and created a prize pool of $107,920, absolutely smashing the $50,000 guarantee. The tournament took 7.75 hours to complete and when it finally did, it was ‘ekpoker’ standing at the end who won the event, the ring, and $25,539.57 after a chop with ‘wagwann’ who took home $20,664.97.


Event #16: MONSTER STACK Bounty No Limit Hold’em, ran next and began the final weekend of the WSOP Super Circuit. This monstrous $1,500 buy in didn’t scare anyone as a total of 1,134 found the courage to face this beast. The total prize pool of $1,615,950, clearing the $1,000,000 guaranteed, helped too as they battled their way to bounties and the WSOP ring. The tournament ended and the last bounty was collected when Brazillian ‘Paulo Brombim’ defeated Austrian ‘M Joelsson.’ The victor earned a total of $181,147.24, including $88,595.20 in bounties for the victory.  


Event #16 in the Ontario version of the WSOP Super Circuit poker tournament series was just as exciting. A total of 113 players joined the hunt for this World Series of Poker Circuit Ring and created a total prize pool of $161,025 smashing the $125,000 guaranteed. The tournament ended with a three-way chop between ‘Fuzz,’ ‘Allen Shen’, and ‘S Webley’. It was ‘Fuzz’ claiming the final hand and lion’s share of the prize pool earning $13,359.69 for the victory, the ring, and $30,712.50 in bounties. 


The penultimate event of the official World Series of Poker Super Circuit series was event #17: Series Saver Turbo Bounty NLH. Like many of the Ring events in this poker tournament series, this tournament guaranteed a cool $1,000,000 in addition to the coveted WSOP ring. The relatively low $215 buy-in was attractive to a huge number of players as 5,215 jumped at the chance to become the champion. Creating a prize pool of $1,037,785 and a top prize of $44,166,47 plus any earned bounties. It took just over 8 hours for ‘KKitsune’ to claim the victory in this championship event and earn the ring along with $40,227.93 in additional bounty prizes. 


Meanwhile, in Ontario, the same event #17, which carried a slightly reduced buy-in of $210, guaranteed $75,000, due to the smaller player pool in addition to the WSOP circuit ring. The Ontario market, although smaller, still managed to attract 515 players creating a prize pool of $103,000. As play wound down, it was ‘M Bartholomew’ that found themselves atop the pile of players to claim the top prize of $7,507.28 plus an additional $8,203.95 in bounties.

The End of the Series

The weekend and the series for both the Ontario and the rest of the world WSOP Super Circuit concluded with the $525 buy-in Event #18: Super Circuit MAIN EVENT. While Ontario boasted a hefty $300,000 guarantee, the rest of the world was agape and ready to battle for a $10,000,000 guarantee. 


Over the weeks leading up to the main event, literally dozens of Day 1’s were running. All combined, when the last Day 1 ran, a total of 20,854 players had purchased a buy-in for a chance to win the biggest share of to total $10,427,000 prize pool, surpassing the guarantee. Of those 20,000+ players, only 2,583 were successful in navigating their stack into day 2. Those final players took 27.25 hours over 2 days (including a break) to finally declare a champion. When the last hand was dealt, it was LSkywalker (allegedly no relation to Darth Vader) claiming the victory, the WSOP Championship ring, entry into the World Series of Poker $1,000,000 Tournament of Champions Freeroll, and $780,687.80 in prize money.

The Ontario version of this event was just as exciting and had the added bonus of running alongside the inaugural WSOP Circuit Toronto Main Event. A total of 826 players joined in over the multitude of Day 1’s creating a total prize pool of $413,000 a significant increase over the guarantee. Of the entrants, only 94 survived to Day 2 which took 6 hours and 20 minutes to complete. At the end of the series it was ‘Maximilian9424’ earning the final ring and $70,578.19 for the victory.

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What's Next?

With the WSOP Super Circuit complete at GGPoker, we turn to the next big events. First is the GGMillion$ week, a week-long celebration dedicated to the biggest online high roller series in the world. With over $20,000,000 guaranteed through the special events that run until April 9th, this is the series where real poker players come to play online. Elsewhere, the Road to Vegas is already underway. GGPoker is planning to send over 1,000 entrants to this year’s main event and with all of the extras GGPoker is giving away, this is your chance to show the world that you are ready to be the next World Series of Poker World Champion!