The third week of the 4th annual World Series of Poker Super Circuit, the world’s most prestigious poker tournament series, hosted by GGPoker; the world’s biggest poker room, has been completed. Since our last update, 5 more World Series of Poker rings and 4 additional rings in the Ontario-exclusive events have been awarded. While there are no events currently running their final day, there are still a veritable tonne of satellites and Day 1’s available to be played, all leading to the final 3 events for each (both the world events and the Ontario only events) series, including Event #18: Super Circuit Main Event, a $525 buy-in hold’em tournament with a $300,000 guarantee for Ontario, and a $10,000,000 guarantee for the rest of the world. 


The first event to award a bracelet over the past week was World Series of Poker Super Circuit Event #10: MILLION$ Mini Main Event. This $50 buy-in event attracted a total of 47,013 players and created a prize pool of $2,162,598, a full third over the $1,500,000 guarantee. Of the entrants, 5,459 survived to day 2 and at the end of the final day of play, it was ‘euodeiooGG’ who won the event and earned $148,064.62 for the effort to go along with the WSOP Ring.

WSOP Circuit Ring Events

Event #11: 6-Max No Limit Hold’em Championship, the second event of the WSOP Super Circuit poker tournament series this past week, created a total prize pool of $1,304,920 on an $800 buy-in, clearing the $1,000,000 guaranteed. A total of 1,717 players joined the festivities and the chase for a World Series of Poker Circuit Ring. The tournament ended with the player ‘mbappelatepu’ climbing to the top of the 6-max pack, claiming the ring and the top prize of $177,761.96. 


Event #11 in the Ontario version of the WSOP Super Circuit poker tournament series was just as exciting. A total of 243 players joined the hunt for this World Series of Poker Circuit Ring and created a total prize pool of 184,680 smashing the $100,000 guaranteed. The tournament ended with the player Julien Perouse as the last player standing, having earned $39,794.33 and the ring. 


The third event of the week in the official World Series of Poker Super Circuit series was event #12: DOUBLE STACK Turbo Bounty NLH. Unlike many of the Ring events in this poker tournament series, this tournament guaranteed only $500,000 guarantee in addition to the coveted WSOP ring. The relatively low $108 buy-in was attractive to a huge number of players as 6,108 jumped at the chance to become the champion. Creating a prize pool of $610,800 and a top prize of $25,437.29. It took just over 8 hours for ‘Baces’ to claim the victory in this championship event and earn the ring along with $23,012.36 in additional bounty prizes. 


Meanwhile, in Ontario, the same event #12 guaranteed $50,000, due to the smaller player pool,  in addition to the WSOP circuit ring. The Ontario market, although smaller, still managed to attract 596 players creating a prize pool of $59,600. As play wound down, it was ‘build a shed’ that found themselves atop the pile of players to claim the top prize of $4,344.15 plus an additional $5,984.84 in bounties.

The End of the Weekend

The weekend for both Ontario and the rest of the world held 2 events, the COLOSSUS and the PLOSSUS. The first, Event #13: COLOSSUS Bounty guaranteed $2,500,000 on a $400 buy-in. A total of 11,220 players liked their chances and bought into the tournaments. Of the starters, only 1,204 survived to day 2 which finished with ‘Mikita Paulikau’ as the king of the COLOSSUS, having earned $142,761.86 for the victory and $127,761.86 in bounties. At the same time, Event #15 PLOSSUS BOunty, the same big tournament but with Omaha replacing Hold’em, Just 387 of the starting 3,933 players made it to day 2, fighting for a share of the $1,463,076 prizepool. The final day took over 7 hours to complete as Niklas Astedt finally ended it, earning $51,781.39 for 1st place and $100,499.61 in bounties. 


The Ontario versions of these events had a total of 896 and 366 players, respectively, enter the field. The bigger of the two, the COLOSSUS, guaranteed $200,000 and saw 86 of the runners survive to Day 2 to play for the $340,480 prize pool. Play ended when ‘EgptionON’ took the top prize of $20,100.17 and $34,126.60 in bounties. In the PLOSSUS, just 48 made it through to Day 2 to compete for the $139,080 prize pool, a solid amount above the $100,000 guarantee. When the final river card came down, it was ‘ J Silverstein’ who was declared champion, earning $25,233.54, including $15,161.73 in bounties, for the victory.

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Coming Next

The final week of play is currently ongoing with 3 more events on each of the schedules, all 3 Hold’em tournaments. Both massive main events are still scheduled for Sunday and with dozens of Day 1’s and satellites to choose from, there are ample opportunities for you to still get in on the action and compete for a share of the over $12,000,000 still guaranteed and a WSOP Ring. So don’t miss out on your chance to join the Legends of the Game and be recorded in the annals of the World Series of Poker history.