Game of Gold Episode 1 is live!

GGPoker and Poker After Dark have teamed up to launch a groundbreaking poker series titled “Game of Gold,” combining high-stakes poker with the thrills of reality TV. The first episode of this twelve-episode series is set to premiere on November 10 on GGPoker’s YouTube channel,


Hosted by renowned poker broadcaster Ali Nejad in Seoul, South Korea, “Game of Gold” introduces a unique format to the poker world. It features sixteen top players, including well-known names like Daniel Negreanu, Jason Koon, and Maria Ho, who will compete in various poker formats such as Sit & Go, Heads-Up games, Indian Poker, and standard tournament play. The twist lies in its survival aspect, as players falling short at the poker table will be eliminated from the show.


The series promises to be an exciting mix of traditional poker gameplay and reality TV drama, with a hefty cash prize of $456,000 awaiting the winner. Daniel Negreanu, GGPoker Global Ambassador, praised the innovative concept of “Game of Gold,” calling it a revolutionary blend of the best parts of traditional poker shows with new, exciting elements.

Something New In The Poker Sphere

The revolutionary poker series “Game of Gold” is not just a test of poker skills but also a showcase of mental fortitude and strategic acumen. The show begins as the 16 top poker players enter the high-pressure environment. Without knowing what they are going to need to do as they try to navigate a complex landscape of not just cards and bets, but also team dynamics and survival strategy, they wait for poker host Ali Nejad to explain the game.


The show highlights the players as they embark on this unique journey, their reactions and strategies reveal a blend of excitement, anxiety, and sharp strategic thinking. The show pushes them into uncharted territory, where the conventional norms of poker are intertwined with the elements of team play and reality TV drama. This format creates an intense psychological warfare, with players constantly adapting to the evolving dynamics of the game.

One of the most compelling aspects of “Game of Gold” is how it brings out the players’ personalities and strategic approaches. They are seen grappling with the dual challenge of individual performance and team strategy. The pressure to not just play their best game but also to ensure their team’s survival adds an intriguing layer to the competition. The players’ interactions, whether expressing their fears, sharing triumphs, or strategizing for the next move, offer a rare glimpse into the mental aspects of high-level poker.

table and eight stacks of chips

Meet The Players - Episode 1

This behind-the-scenes look emphasizes “Game of Gold” as a unique blend of poker and reality TV. The mental and emotional rollercoaster experienced by the players underscores the show’s appeal beyond the traditional poker audience, attracting fans of strategic games and reality-based competitions. As the series progresses, it becomes clear that “Game of Gold” is more than a poker game; it’s a battleground of wits, nerves, and strategy, making it a must-watch for anyone fascinated by the human aspects of high-stakes competition.


Each of the 16 competitors brings a different set of unique skills, personality and history to the game. You can read a bit about them here or, start watching the show and seeing how the cards play out.

Daniel Negreanu: Renowned for his extraordinary reading abilities and vibrant personality, Negreanu is a poker legend with multiple World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets and two World Poker Tour (WPT) titles to his name.


Jason Koon: Known for his aggressive play and analytical approach, Koon has made a name for himself in high roller tournaments and is one of the top earners in poker.


Fedor Holz: A young prodigy and considered to be one of the most fearsome players in the poker world, Holz has quickly risen to fame with his strategic gameplay and remarkable success in high stakes tournaments.


Kevin Martin: A former “Big Brother Canada” winner and now a professional poker player, Martin is known for his engaging personality and strategic gameplay.


Kyna England: Rising in the poker scene, England has shown exceptional skills and determination, recently making a splash with significant tournament wins.


Josh Arieh: With over two decades of experience, Arieh is a seasoned pro known for his bold plays and has numerous high-profile tournament successes, including being named WSOP Player of the Year in 2021


Daniel Cates: Often known by his online handle, “Jungleman,” Cates is famous for his online poker prowess and has transitioned successfully to live tournaments. He is known for his intense focus and strategic depth.


Lukas Robinson: A relatively newer face in the poker world, Robinson, hailing from Liverpool, brings a fresh perspective and eagerness to prove his skills among poker elites.


Nikita Luther: A trailblazer in the poker world, Luther is renowned for her WSOP bracelet win and is a prominent figure in Indian poker, known for her analytical approach to the game.


Charlie Carrel: Carrel, known for his intuitive style of play, has made a significant impact in both online and live poker circuits with his innovative strategies.


Johan “YoH ViraL” Guilbert: A popular figure in the online poker community, Guilbert brings a mix of flair and solid strategic gameplay to the table, with a strong presence in European poker circuits.


Olga Iermolcheva: Hailing from Ukraine, Iermolcheva has shown her prowess in various international poker tournaments, known for her resilience and strategic mind.


David Williams: Best known for his runner-up finish in the WSOP Main Event and WPT championship victory, Williams combines his passion for gaming with a deep understanding of poker strategy.


Andy Tsai: Known as Andy Stacks, Tsai brings years of experience and a competitive spirit, often sharing his poker insights and strategies through social media and coaching.


Michael Soyza: Rising from microstakes to high stakes tournaments, Soyza, from Malaysia, is known for his competitive nature and has amassed several tournament wins.


Maria Ho: Born in Taiwan and now based in Los Angeles, Ho is not only a highly skilled poker player with nearly 2 decades of experience, but also a well-respected ambassador of the game, known for her strategic finesse and longevity in the game.

You can catch all the excitement with new episodes airing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12PM UTC, starting with the premiere which launched today, November 10.