Back in August of 2020, GGPoker set the record for biggest prize pool in an online poker tournament with a staggering $27,559,500 prize pool. This achievement well surpassed the previous record, set a few months earlier by PokerStars in their 14th Anniversary Sunday Millions, which had an $18.6 Million prize pool.

The record, which pundits thought would last, was unofficially broken earlier today when the combined Day 1 flights of the WSOP Online MAIN EVENT attracted 6,023 unique players, creating a prize pool of $28,609,250. 

This new unofficial record stands as a firm commitment to the poker community that GGPoker is now, and will continue to be the place for online poker. 

From the field of 6,023 players, just 761 survived to Day 2 and are guaranteed $10,161.74. The final 23 players will all earn over $100,000 as each player will play their best as they vie for the top prize of $2,783,432.88.
At the heart of this success, GGPoker’s growth and its commitment to the poker community are its remarkable features that have been highly appreciated by its players. Some of these standout features include:

  • Innovative Software: GGPoker offers an intuitive user interface and a gaming experience that is unmatched. The smooth gameplay, combined with cutting-edge graphics, provides players with an immersive experience every time they hit the tables.
  • Splash: This feature ensures that players can really let their villains know how you feel after a hand. Throw a bucket of water or an egg and get the best revenge without fear of retaliation. 
  • Staking Platform: GGPoker’s staking feature allows players to buy a piece of their favorite player’s action or sell a percentage of their own, adding another dimension to the game and providing an opportunity for everyone to be part of big wins.
  • SnapCam: This feature allows players to send short video messages to opponents, bringing in an element of fun and camaraderie to the game.
  • Prop Bets: A new feature, further distinguishing GGPoker from other poker sites. Currently offering Last Longer and Barkroll challenges, the Prop bets at GGPoker allow for a more in depth and realistic feel to online poker. And there are more prop bets coming soon!combined

GGPoker’s achievement is not just a testament to the platform’s popularity, but also to its continuous endeavor to innovate and improve. The new record is a reflection of the trust and enthusiasm that the poker community has in GGPoker, and the platform promises to keep up the momentum.


At GGPoker, our focus has always been on providing the best possible experience for our players, and breaking this record reaffirms our dedication to this mission. We’re excited about the future and are geared up to bring more innovative features, bigger tournaments, and unforgettable poker moments to our community.


About GGPoker: 

GGPoker is the leading online poker platform known for its innovative features and commitment to the poker community. Since its inception, the platform has been dedicated to bringing top-notch poker experience to players around the world. With a blend of traditional and modern poker games, GGPoker is the go-to destination for both seasoned pros and beginners.