Dear GGPoker Players,

Thank you for your continued support of GGPoker – because of you, GGPoker is the biggest online poker room in the world and the best place to play our favorite game.

It has recently come to our attention that we made an error with regard to the advertised probability tables for Spin & Gold:

  • The advertised probability of an x2 multiplier occurring in a 3 Max (three-handed) Spin & Gold game is 47.61%
  • However, we have identified that this probability was incorrect (due to a game configuration error) from October 6, 2023 through November 21, 2023
  • The actual probability of an x2 multiplier game during this time period was 48.76%
  • GGPoker collected extra fees from Spin & Gold players as a result, which have been fully refunded to participating players

We want to be totally transparent here; this was a mistake made by GGPoker, it had an adverse impact on our community and we take full responsibility for it.

We corrected the game configuration as soon as possible and fully refunded the extra amount collected to players who participated in the affected games during the time period stated above.

This reimbursement has now been fully completed; all players impacted by this error have received the refund amount due to them directly to their GGPoker account.

Thank you again for your patience, understanding and support!