As the second half of the week, and the end of Week 2 at the 2024 GGPoker World Festival unfolds, the atmosphere is electric with over $160 million still guaranteed and more than 160 events completed since our last recap. The festival has already seen jaw-dropping action with massive prize pools and thrilling victories, and the excitement shows no signs of slowing down. With the tournaments continuing to attract poker’s best and brightest, the leaderboard races are becoming more intense by the hour.

Leaderboard Updates

The Super High Leaderboard, featuring a total prize pool of $1,000,000, remains fiercely competitive. ‘R Romanovskyi’ has maintained his position at the top with 1,637.09 points, well on his way to earning the C$100,000 top prize. Niklas Astedt, in second place, now trails by nearly 300 points with a total of 1,354.99 points. Jans Arends and David Peters are in close contention for third and fourth places, with Arends having 1,173.08 points and Peters just behind with 1,162.89 points and Andrii Derzhypilskyi, has made it to the top five with 1,052.76 points.

In the High Stakes Leaderboard, Jacopo Olivieri has taken the lead with 2,105.50 points, vying to win C$60,000. ‘Chicharito14’ follows closely with 2,017.59 points, while ‘Iambeggar’ and ‘AyrtonSenn@’ are neck and neck in third and fourth places. Joshua McCully rounds out the top five.

On the Medium Stakes Leaderboard, ‘Bowrot-‘ has surged ahead with 2,733.77 points, followed by ‘SzwarnyChlapiec’ with 2,560.69 points. ‘TheTrueNiceGuy’, ‘Homytao’, and Rustem Kozlov are also in the top five, all separated by narrow margins.

The Low Stakes Leaderboard sees ‘maruzzz’ in the lead with 3,270.90 points, followed by ‘TrebaKesaMoneys’ and ‘NOpuntNOglory’. ‘Survivor39’ and ‘G0spRaf0’ are also making their mark in the top five.

Super High Stakes

Highlighting the Super High events, the 107-S: $10,300 Tuesday Classic Super HR event saw 56 high rollers compete for a prize pool of $560,000, vastly exceeding the $400,000 guarantee. Daniel Petersen emerged victorious, taking home $159,994.28, with Samuel Vousden coming in second, earning $119,978.75. Other notable finishes include D Smiljkovic in third place and David Peters in fourth.


In the 97.S: $10,300 Monday Super HR event, 58 players battled for a $580,000 prize pool. Ottomar Ladva claimed the top spot with a payout of $165,708.36, followed by Sting83 in second place with $124,263.71. Y Dzivielevski rounded out the top three, taking home $93,184.

High Stakes

The High Stakes action continued with the 96-S: $525 Bounty Hunters HR [Mega GTD] event, which drew an impressive 1,932 players, creating a prize pool of $966,000, exceeding the guaranteed pool of $750,000. ‘dolladolla bill’ emerged as the winner, earning $50,578 plus a bounty of $48,861. ‘Gediminas Uselis’ secured second place, with Igor Ursel finishing third.


In the 126-H: $1,050 Thursday Throwdown [Bounty] event, 831 players signed on to bump up the guaranteed prize pool of $650,000 up to $831,000. ‘AnimeAddict’ took first place, winning $50,603.56 plus a bounty of $50,523.94. Andrii Novak finished second, earning $50,441.84 plus a bounty of $27,611.34, while ‘kazanova2020’ came in third.

Medium Stakes

The Medium Stakes events were no less thrilling. The 126-M $150 Thursday Throwdown [Bounty] attracted 4,491 players, generating a prize pool of $626,494.50, up from the guaranteed $500,000. Lin Jin Yue claimed the top prize, winning $28,369.08 plus a bounty of $22,560.54. ‘Originallyy’ took second place, followed by Kacper Pyzara in third.


The 96-M: $54 Bounty Hunters Daily Main [Mega GTD] event saw 11,396 players compete for a $569,800 prize pool, once again breaking the guaranteed. ‘MateeCocido’ emerged victorious, taking home $21,574.89 plus a bounty of $20,086.77. ‘Eugene9’ finished second, with ‘iswed’ rounding out the top three.

Low Stakes

In the Low Stakes, the 126-L: $25 Thursday Mini Throwdown [Bounty] event drew 9,523 players, stirring up a prize pool of $220,933.60. ‘six49ers’ claimed the top spot, winning $8,450.63 plus a bounty of $7,831.08. ‘PrCharlesXavier’ finished second, while ‘MrJmLT’ secured third place.


The 97-L: $25 Monday Mini Monster Stack event saw 5,809 players compete for a prize pool of $133,607, the player volume having tacked on an additional $8,607 onto GGPoker’s guaranteed $125,000. ‘RENOV4’ emerged as the winner, earning $11,143.56, with ‘HumBert25’ finishing second.

Where's My Seat for the Next Poker Tournament?

There are still plenty of events to look forward to as we head into the weekend. Keep an eye on these, all scheduled for May 19:

  • 152-S: $10,300 GGMillion$ High Rollers
  • 151-H: $525 Bounty Hunters HR Main Event
  • 151-M: $54 Bounty Hunters Sunday Main Event


The 140-L: $25 Saturday Mini Secret KO [Mystery Bounty] event on May 18 also promises to be an exciting event with a $250,000 guarantee!

We’ll be back on Tuesday to cover this weekend’s events, so stay tuned for more updates and highlights as the GGPoker World Festival continues to deliver more world-class poker action!

And don’t forget to check out the final table of the Global MILLION$ World Festival streaming here!