April 14th marked the end of the $10 Million Guaranteed GGPoker Omaholic Series and April 29th marked its completion. The two weeks of the series saw some amazing results and incredible stories as we hosted nearly 400 Omaha tournaments for players everywhere!

Beginning Of The Final Week

Before we look at the results from some of the biggest tournaments the $100,000 leaderboard deserves some attention and praise given to the winners.

The final week did not change much at the top of the leaderboard as Murilo Milhomem managed to maintain the top spot earning the C$10,000 bonus for the win. He finished just 150 points over 2nd place, ‘kohuliikemies_’ who was rewarded with C$8,000, and 500 points ahead of the final podium position, well-known Brazilian grinder Joao Simoa, who was rewarded with an extra C$6,000. Now, onto the tournament winners.

The first big event for the past week was the Monday, April 22nd $525 Secret KO [Mystery Bounty] tournament which started at 18:00 UTC. The tournament saw 126 players globally sign up to compete for a share of the $60,000 guarantee. The event, which ended with a $63,000 prize pool, concluded in just over 6.25 hours, with ‘IamBusinessman‘ securing the top position after defeating ‘Skumi’ heads up. ‘IamBusinessman‘ earned $8,036.50 for top spot and an additional $16,690 in bounties.

Omaha Tournaments Galore!

Fast-forward 1 hour to 19:00 UTC and one of the biggest big buy-in big guarantee tournaments of the GGPoker Omaholics Series. A $10,300 buy-in Monday Super HR (High Rollers) showcased some intense action. The $100,000 guarantee attracted was huge, but only 5 high rollers took a seat when late registration was completed. At the end of the tournament, it was Aku Joentausta, sporting a Finnish flag taking the top spot and the entire prize pool.

The next big event, and the first big one on the Tuesday, was the Bounty Hunters SHR. This $5,250 buy-in tournament started at 16:30 UTC and guaranteed $50,000. Incredibly, 16 players found the courage and jumped at the chance to take down this tournament, creating a total prize pool of $80,000. The prize pool and bounties were shared between the final 2 players, but only 1 would claim victory. Two hours and forty-two minutes passed before ‘J Haraldstad’ earned $40,228.92 for winning the tournament, including $20,625 in bounties while Aku Joentausta settled for a second big score in 2 days with $32,721.08. 

What About Wednesday?

Only 1 large event ran on Wednesday, the Secret KO [Mystery Bounty]. The tournament featured a $50,000 guarantee on a $52.50 buy-in starting at 18:00 UTC. The event brought 1,271 poker players to the felt creating a prize pool of $63,550. The winner of the event, showing the flag of the Netherlands, was ‘BlackandScholes’ who earned $4,530.89 for the win and an additional 2,855 in bounties. The biggest bounty winners of the tournament went to 14th place finisher ‘Zhakinec09’ who earned $5,081 in bounties and 77th place ‘KKRO’ who earned $5,954 in bounties. 

The last Thursday of the series saw the excitement build as the series headed into the final weekend starting with another $50,000 guarantee Bounty Hunters SHR. The $5,250 buy-in event attracted 12 players to create a $60,000 prize pool, of which only 2 would be paid. Aku Joentausta again found himself ITM but fell in 2nd, earning $14,697.06 for the podium spot plus $2,812.50 for bounties. The winner, Dante Fernandes, earned $31,265.44, including $16,562.50 in bounties for the victory. 

The next Thursday event was another Secret KO [Mystery Bounty], this time with a $52.50 buy-in. The $50,000 guarantee was easily exceeded when 1,312 players signed up and created a prize pool of $65,500. The tournament played out in just under 8 hours with ‘Ale Giannelli’ claiming the victory, $4,676.67 for the result, and $678 in bounty rewards. The big winner in the tournament was none other than ‘KoksDro’ who placed 17th but hit it big with $6,696 in collected bounties.

Is There More Omaha?

Running at the same time was a $525 buy-in Secret KO [Mystery Bounty], also with a $50,000 guarantee. A total of 145 players joined the fracas for a share of the created $72,500 prize pool. Top spot in the event was captured by ‘dr100pwillcureU’ who earned $12,367.38; however, it was the 3rd place finisher, ‘J Peltoniemi’ who won the big bucks, collecting $18,390 in bounty rewards in addition to $4,614.51 for his final spot. 

At 19:00 UTC, the Thursday Super HR began. This $100,000 guaranteed tournament had a $10,300 buy-in and 12 players joined creating a prize pool of $120,000. For the 4th time, Aku Joentausta was in the final 2 but again failed to be the last player at the table. They had to settle for $41,580 and another 2nd place finish while Chris Frank took the top spot and $77,220.

Saturday showcased just one big event, another $52.50 buy-in, $50,000 guaranteed, Secret KO [Mystery Bounty]. This time, 1,262 players paid the fee to join the fun and created a prize pool of $63,100. Nearly 7.5 passed before a winner was declared as ‘GiVeN_To_YoU’ finally took down the event earning $4,589.85 for first place and $821 in bounties. The 12th place finisher ‘ShtoneKilla’ took home the largest share of the prize pool having collected $6,073 in bounties to add to the $276.27 for missing out on the final table.

Anything Else? What About What's Coming Next?

Sunday, always the busiest day for online poker, started with the Sunday Bounty Hunters SHR and HR Main. The SHR was a $5,250 buy-in tournament with a $125,000 guarantee. A total of 25 players joined the battle and when the dust settled, it was ‘V Karakitukov’ taking the victory $31,562.50 in bounties and $23,745.35 for winning. The HR Main offered a $100,000 guarantee on a $525 buy-in. When the last player registered, the prize pool had reached $112,500 which would be contested by 225 entrants. ‘Lagertha-’ was the last player in the event and took home a total of $22,747.93 which included $12,644.57 in bounties.

At 17:30 UTC the Sunday Bounty Very Big Game HR began. This $2,100 buy-in event attracted 55 players causing the prize pool to reach $110,000, exceeding the $100,000 guarantee. Five hours and 18 minutes later Gavin Andreanoff claimed victory, the top prize of $12,909.34 and $24,687.50 in bounties. 

The main event of the series, the Omaholic MYSTERY BOUNTY Main, had Day 1’s running through the entirety of the series and on April 29th, it was time to finally declare a champion. The $1,000,000 guarantee was surpassed when a total of 5,236 players paid the $210 entry fee, creating a total prize pool of $1,047,200 with a top bounty of $100,000. Six and a half hours passed before ‘19052005’’ claimed victory over the field when they grabbed the last bounty from 2nd place finisher ‘fer_90_1’. Earning $61,096.07 for the victory and $8,200 in bounties was a nice way to end the series, but not as nice as it was for ‘Ansgar2000’. The player who finished 160th of the 502 players who survived the Day 1’s to play for the money was the lucky winner of the $100,000 top bounty prize. 

And that is all for the Spring GGPoker Omaholic Series. Look out because on May 5th the GGPoker World Festival begins. This year, the GGPoker is guaranteeing $250,000,000 in the GGWF and with 4 buy-in tiers, there will definitely be something for everyone. We look forward to seeing you at the tables and maybe highlighted in the blog!