The Spring 2024 GGPoker Omaholics Series kicked off this past weekend, running nearly 30 events on Sunday alone and over 100 have already been completed. Players have collectively scooped over $2.5 million in winnings through the numerous events, all within the first 4 days of this series. This translates to more than $26,000 won every hour or over $430 each minute. And with 12 more days of Omaha left, the excitement is still building. While it would be thrilling to detail each event and celebrate every winner, space constraints and editorial guidelines limit such extensive coverage, and it would likely become somewhat redundant.

Tournament Results

The festival opened with the Sunday Crazy Eight High Roller tournament, which started at 1300 UTC, and saw players globally begin competing for a share of the incredible $10 million prize pool and $100,000 on the prestigious leaderboards. The event concluded in just over 5 hours, with ‘Sarahcall1‘ securing the top position after defeating ‘KakiTee’ heads up. Both players earned over $10,000 with ‘Sarahcall1’ claiming the title and $13,497.14.

Fast-forwarding to the first big buy-in big guarantee tournament of the GGPoker Omaholics Series, the $5,250 buy-in Sunday Bounty Hunters Super High Rollers showcased some absolutely thrilling action. The $5,250 buy-in didn’t scare off as many players as the $100,000 guarantee attracted. When late registration was completed, a total of 39 players had bought their way in, creating a total prize pool of $195,000, just 1 buy-in short of doubling the guarantee. Victor Rahm topped this segment, securing the top prize of $30,678.97 and an additional $51,250 in bounties, well over double the nearest competitor in bounty earning and over half of the bounties available to be won.

Omaha Sunday? Yes Please!

The next big event on the first Sunday of the series was the Sunday Super High Roller. This $10,300 buy-in tournament started at 19:00 UTC and guaranteed $200,000.Just 19 players jumped at the chance and the tournament ran with an overlay of 1 buy-in, $10,000. With that few players, the $200,000 prize was shared by the final 3 players. Lautaro Guerra earned $48,154.07 for finishing third, Joao Vieira received $64,214.50 for second place and Eelis Parssinen took $85,631.43 for top spot, further proving the Finnish dominance in Omaha. 

The next event on the Omaholics schedule was the first big event of the series, the Omaholic Bounty MILLION$. This $54 buy-in bounty tournament had a $300,000 guarantee and ran dozens of Day 1’s leading to the final day. The event attracted 8,020 players, each vying for the biggest share of the $401,000 prize pool. Only 812 survived to Day 2 and when the final hand played out, it was ‘wanfu’ flying the Norway flag earning top spot, beating out ‘erht’ playing under the flag of the United Kingdom. For the victory, ‘wanfu’ earned $24,969.13 including $11,273.61 in claimed bounties.

What About This Week?

Monday, April 15th offered 1 tournament with a big guarantee, the Monday Super High Roller. Guaranteeing $100,000 on a $10,300 buy-in, the tournament attracted 13 players, cracking the guarantee and creating a prize pool of $130,000. Taking just over 3 hours to finish, it was Gavin Andreanoff who took the top prize of $83,655 while the runner-up, Chris Frank, earned the remainder of the prize pool, $45,045. 

The biggest event on the Tuesday of the first week was the $5,250 Bounty Hunters Super High Rollers. This weekday edition of the tournament brought in 13 players and created a prize pool of $65,000, a 30% increase over the $50,000 guarantee. Taking just 2.25 hours to complete, it was ‘KakiTee’ claiming the top spot, earning $15,925.19 for the win and $22,500 in collected bounties..

The most exciting event on from day 4 of the series was easily the Secret KO Mystery Bounty. With a smaller buy-in of just $52.50 and a total guarantee of $50,000, this mid-week tournament promised excitement. At the end of late registration, 1,244 players had paid the entry to play in this event, creating a total prize pool of $62,200. The final 2 players chose to make a deal leaving the runner-up ‘SikerAAJr’ with $3,956.85 for placing plus $1,870 in bounties while the winner, ‘erht’ took slightly less for the win, $3,838.53, but significantly more from the bounties, $9,380.

Anything Else? What About What's Coming Next?

The competition is equally fierce as the Omaholics battle it out for $100,000 on the Leaderboard. Three hundred players will be paid out on the leaderboard with the top prize being C$10,000. Currently, ‘kohuliikemies_’ is in the lead with 1,428.56, but is closely followed by Murilo Milhomem, ALL IN ONLY, and Joao Simao with 1,272.07, 1,165.30, and 1,024.29 points respectively. With hundreds of tournaments still scheduled over the next 12 days, you can be assured no one has given up yet.

With over a week of play still remaining in the series, millions in prize money are yet to be claimed. This presents a fantastic opportunity for participants to secure their share and make their mark in the most exciting online Omaha tournament series of the year. Who knows? With enough skill and a bit of luck, your name might just be the next one featured in this very blog.