As the third weekend of the 2024 GGPoker World Festival concludes, let’s dive into the exhilarating developments so far. Tournaments have surpassed $125 million in guarantees, with over $40 million awarded just over the weekend. With nearly $125 million more guaranteed, the excitement continues to build, and the leaderboard races are intensifying.


Since our last update, over 175 events have concluded. We’ll highlight key events across each tier, but first, let’s review the action on four leaderboards totaling $2.5 million in prizes.

Leaderboard Updates

The $1,000,000 Super High Leaderboard, which awards top players, is still led by R Romanovskyi with 2,091 points, adding 454 points to his score over the weekend. The rest of the podium remains unchanged, with seasoned pro Niklas Astedt in second with 1,840 points and David Peters in third with 1,596 points. Following shortly behind is Jans Arends with 1,561 and Andrii Derzhypilskyi with 1,545. The numerous remaining events keep the competition wide open.


In the High Stakes Leaderboard, the competition remains fierce among the top five positions. Jacopo Olivieri still leads with 2,865 points. ‘AyrtonSenn@’ has closed the gap to within 71 points. He has also put a bit of distance between himself and the next two runners, ‘Chicharito14’ with 2,619 points and ‘N Maimone’ has risen to fourth with 2,609 points. Rounding out the top five is ‘Iambeggar’ with 2,547 points. With a total prize pool of $750,000 and rewards extending to the top 300 participants, the race is heating up.


On the Medium Stakes Leaderboard, ‘TheTrueNiceGuy’ has dropped to sixth place overall with 3,140 points. Zooming ahead and taking the lead in a very tight pack is ‘Bowrot-’ with 3,372 points. Rounding out the top five are ‘SzwarnyChlapiec’ with 3,366 points, ‘zemachess’ at 3,287, ‘buenaonda’ at 3,220 and Rustem Kozlov with 3,195 points. The top 500 players on the Medium leaderboard will share a total of $500,000.


In the Low Stakes Leaderboard, ‘maruzzz’ of Finland has maintained the lead this week, while  ‘TrebaKesaMoneys’ keeps second place and ‘Zlurrsk’ enters third place on this leaderboard, which will distribute $250,000 across the top 1,000 players.

Super High Stakes

Highlighting Super High events, the 157-S: $25,500 Sunday Super High Roller event, held on May 19th, saw Barak Wisbrod excel among the 30 entrants to win $271,586.85. The $25,500 buy-in event surpassed the $500,000 guarantee, with the four final players sharing the $750,000 prize pool.


Another notable Super High event, 159-S: $1,050 Sunday Showdown HR [Mystery Bounty], featured a guaranteed $750,000, which was exceeded to offer a prize pool of $890,000. This event attracted 890 competitors. ‘TccWang’ secured the top spot, earning a significant payout of $73,159.84, which included $11,950 in bounties. The big winner in this Mystery Bounty was the 34th place finisher, K Abakirov, who earned $108,600 in bounties plus $1,861.10 for his finish.

High Stakes

Event 153-H: $525 Bounty Hunters HR Main Event was a spectacular highlight in the High Stakes tier, boasting a prize pool of $1,807,000. With a guaranteed $1,500,000 and 3,614 players vying for the top spot, the tournament exceeded expectations. The champion, ‘fearthereaper’, triumphed with a remarkable bounty of $86,775.25, adding to their total winnings of $83,825.73, making their grand total $170,600.98. ‘MIRACULOUSCARDS’ secured second place with $83,646.39 and an additional $11,304.67 in bounties. ‘AyrtonSenn@’ finished third, earning $62,214.82 plus a $31,394.59 bounty. ‘FUGG’ and ‘cagaum’ rounded out the top five, taking home $46,225.46 and $34,345.38, respectively, along with substantial bounties.


In another High tier tournament, Event 154-H: $1,050 GGMasters High Rollers World Festival, exceeded its guaranteed $1M for prize pool of $1,190,000. Emerging victorious, ‘TheFirestarter’ claimed the top prize of $161,204.76, showcasing exceptional skill and strategy. In second place, ‘TiananmenSquare’ earned $120,885.90, while ‘maherfish’ secured third place with winnings of $90,651.61.

Medium Stakes

Event 153-M: $54 Bounty Hunters Sunday Main Event was a standout competition, drawing 22,361 players and amassing an impressive prize pool of $1,118,050, surpassing its $1,000,000 guarantee. The tournament showcased fierce competition and strategic gameplay. The champion, ‘LobyPewis’, emerged victorious with a bounty of $25,735.15, bringing their total winnings to $63,676.49. In second place, ‘Th3Technician’ earned $37,823.07 plus a $1,951.53 bounty. ‘feelthepower’ finished third, taking home $28,143.15 and an additional $3,591.80 in bounties. ‘Wh0_Da_Ma1nE’ secured fourth place with total earnings of $24,613.93, and ‘kavoshu’ rounded out the top five, winning $22,007.80. 


Continuing the excitement, Event 154-M: $150 GGMasters Festival Edition attracted 4,978 players, creating a substantial prize pool of $686,964, surpassing its $600,000 guarantee. The tournament was a fierce battleground of skill and strategy. ‘NOFEAR_13’ emerged as the champion, claiming the top prize of $73,753.91. ‘m3d1t8’ secured second place, earning $55,304.72, while ‘jrmychan1’ took third with a prize of $41,472.69. This event further highlighted the intense competition and exceptional play that defines the Medium Stakes tier, providing an exhilarating experience for all participants and spectators.

Low Stakes

Meanwhile, in the Low-Stakes Tier of this year’s World Festival, Event 142-L: $25 Saturday Mini Secret KO [Mystery Bounty] saw 15,222 players compete for a prize pool of $362,283.60, surpassing the $300,000 guarantee. ‘Uruk-Hai’ emerged victorious, earning $14,873.45 plus a bounty of $462.70. ‘sa1lormoon’ secured second place with a total of $13,224.03, while ‘dogslifeforever’ took third, bringing home $8,849.39.
The Mystery Bounty went to ‘1 v 8’ claiming the top bounty prize of $30,000.


In Event 154-L: $15 Sunday Hundred Grand, 10,502 players generated a prize pool of $144,927.60, exceeding the $125,000 guarantee. ‘Bruce_Allin’ triumphed, securing the top prize of $13,290.89. ‘Obolik-14’ came in second, earning $9,961.15, while ‘dedel909’ finished third, taking home $7,469.81. The event showcased the competitive spirit and excitement that defines the Low-Stakes tier, providing a thrilling experience for all participants.

Where's My Seat for the Next Poker Tournament?

There’s still plenty of action in the GG World Festival as we head into the third week of play. Major upcoming events from each tier include:


– Tuesday, May 21th, 18:00 UTC: Event 177-S: $10,300 Tuesday Classic Super HR, $700K GTD


– Thursday, May 23th, 18:00 UTC: Event 196-H: $1,050 Thursday Throwdown [Bounty], $600K GTD


– Thursday, May 23th, 18:00 UTC: Event 196-M: $150 Thursday Throwdown [Bounty], $400K GTD


– Thursday, May 23th, 18:00 UTC: Event 196-L: $25 Thursday Mini Throwdown [Bounty], $150K GTD

And don’t forget to check out the final table of the Global MILLION$ World Festival streaming here!