Running exclusively on GGPoker, The GG Online Championship over this past weekend surpassed $165,000,000 in prize pools. When all 3 tiers of Event #116 complete their Day 2’s the total prizes will exceed $170 Million. One Hundred and Seventy Million. All of the sweet cash has already been scooped and there are still 2 days and over $7,000,000 still guaranteed. When this incredible poker tournament series is completed, the GGPoker community will have won almost $180,000,000. 

While there are only 2 days remaining in this online poker series, there is still a lot of poker to be played. With 30 tournaments spread over 9 GG Online Championship events, including 3 Super High tier tournaments, you still have a chance to win more in the game of your choice.

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If you are curious about the race for a share of $500,000 on the GG Online Championship leaderboard, here is the update you have been waiting for. 

On the Low leaderboard after over a week climbing up the ladder, ‘goosebumps4’ grabbed top spot and a decent 113 point lead over last week’s leader ‘BeardOilGuy’. With a top prize on this leaderboard of $15,000, $5K more than second spot, ‘you can be sure there will still be some great action to watch. 

‘Joao Simoa’ continues his dominance on the Medium leaderboard. While maintaining top spot, which is worth $20,000, on this leaderboard he has managed to increase his lead from last week. ‘Joao Simoa’ is in the driver’s seat on this leaderboard with a 252 point lead over second place and almost 350 point lead over third.

Unlike previous weeks, The High and Super High Leadboard did not have any movement at the top. The week 1 leader, ‘Wei Zhao’ fell even further this week and is now down to 124th. Third position after the first week ‘rivfun4me’ fell from his 11th position last week down to 23rd. He currently sits outside the money spots by merely 26 points. The runner up from week 1, who has been the steadiest of the original top 3 has dropped down to 5 but is less than 15 points behind ‘77Storm77’ in fourth. Last week’s leader, ‘Amichai Barer’ not only managed to maintain his lead over second place ‘Chris Rudolph’, but increased his lead to nearly 200 points. With $50,000 being offered for top spot and 12 High and Super High tier tournaments to play you can be assured these players will fight to the end. 


Wind Down Monday

As we approach the conclusion of this incredible online poker tournament series, GGPoker is still offering some amazing tournaments and guarantees as part of the GG Online Championship. Monday, the next-to-last day of the online poker series, is host to 4 Events spreading 12 tournaments and guaranteeing $3,115,000, making this the biggest Monday of the series. 

The first event on Monday is Event #123 Bounty Hunters. Offered at Low, Medium and High tiers, this event is scheduled to start at 16:30 UTC. The buy-ins, from Low to High, are $5.25, $52.50 and $525 with corresponding guarantees of $40,000, $250,000 and $500,000. Take a shot and KO your friends to scoop their bounties.

The second event on the schedule is Event #124 Monday Monster Stack. This three tiered event runs with guarantees of $500K, $250K and $100K for buy-ins of $1,050, $150 and $25 respectively. Deep stacks and slow blinds are the highlights of these tournaments so get comfortable and enjoy the long game.

Third on the schedule for Monday is the GGOC Turbo Main Event. Event #125 of the schedule, this set of tournaments has buy-ins of $80, $525 and $5,250 for respective guarantees of $200K, $300K and $400K. These tournaments offer deep starting stacks with 200 big blinds and blind levels no longer than 8 minutes. Play will be fast and furious as everyone tries to quickly finish off the villains and scoop the prizes.

Monday finishes with Event #126 Bounty Big Game. Offering over half a million dollars in guarantees and buy-ins at $21, $210 and $2,100 this is a great way to finish off your opponents and your Monday.

The End of a Series

All good things must come to an end and this online poker tournament series is no different. We enter this Tuesday knowing that it will be the last hurrah of the GG Online Championship for the year. Before we settle down into our regular routines, micro-managing our time and making small talk at the work water coolers, let’s look at the over $4 Million guaranteed on this, the final day of the GG Online Championship.

First of the 5 events is the 3-tiered Event #127 Tuesday Throwdown. These 7-Max Bounty tournaments bring the fight right to you. Starting stacks of 100 Big Blinds and medium to long blind levels, these tournaments are always a great way to spend your time. Buy-ins start at $8.40 for the Low tier and offer, all together, over $400K in guarantees.

Next on the day is Event #128. The first of 3 events today offered at the Super High tier, this quad of Bounty Hunters Deepstack tournaments has Buy-ins of $5.25, $52.50, $525 and $5,250. Guarantees for these tournaments are $40K, $250K, $400K and $250K respectively.

The third and fourth events are both No Limit Texas Hold’em high roller events. Both events offer 200 Big Blind starting stacks and a slow structure which is sure to create some amazing poker. Event #129 Super Tuesday is offered at 4 tiers while #130 has the standard 3 tiers. Over $2 Million is guaranteed between these 2 events, and with Buy-ins ranging from as low as $25 (for tournament #129-L) up to $25,500 (for tournament #130-H) there is sure to be one just right for you.

The last tournament of the day entire poker tournament series is Event #131 Series Saver. Offered at 4 tiers with buy-ins of $5.25, $52.50, $525 and $5,250, these Bounty tournaments mirror the start of the series and are not micro as their buy-ins would suggest. The starting stacks for these Hyper Bounty tournaments are a miniature 25,000. The battles for the bounties will be fast and furious as everyone makes one last stab at scooping a prize from the inaugural GG Online Championship. 

What Comes Next….

With the completion of the GG Online Championship as we scooped up all of the excitement provided by the poker stars during this series, we wonder what little idea might GGPoker have next. While it is possible there may be a little clue or two throughout the blogs, you can be sure that whatever comes next, it won’t be small.

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