In the vibrant tapestry of poker history, few stories capture the imagination quite like that of Annette Obrestad. From her early days dominating online poker under the moniker “Annette_15” to her record-shattering victory at the World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE), and eventually to her unexpected pivot away from the felt, Obrestad’s journey is a testament to both her prodigious talent and her capacity for reinvention.

Strategic Beginnings

Born on September 18, 1988, in the quaint town of Sandnes, Norway, Annette Obrestad quickly showed an aptitude for analytical thinking and a penchant for challenge, traits that would serve her well in her future poker career. Her journey into the world of poker began at an early age, a transition that seemed natural for someone fascinated by games involving skill and psychology. Annette’s early foray into the poker world was marked by an unconventional approach; she started building her initial bankroll from freerolls and play money games, demonstrating her innate ability to maximize minimal resources—a hallmark of her later success that would translate seamlessly into her poker strategy.


At a time when the poker world was still adjusting to the online revolution, a young Norwegian player was making waves far beyond her years. Annette Obrestad’s rise to prominence in the poker community began in the digital realm, where she honed her skills against a global pool of competitors. Unlike many of her peers, Obrestad built her initial bankroll from scratch, starting with freerolls and play money games. Her early experiences, fortified by a childhood spent navigating complex game scenarios, showcased her remarkable ability to turn nothing into something significant. By mastering the art of reading her opponents and employing a fearless approach to betting, she quickly distinguished herself in an arena where many seasoned players still clung to traditional plays and predictable strategies.

A Historic Triumph

The pinnacle of Obrestad’s poker career came in 2007, at the inaugural World Series of Poker Europe. A day shy of her 19th birthday, she not only competed against some of the most seasoned players in the world but also emerged victorious, capturing the main event title, a coveted WSOP bracelet, and the £1 million prize. This win was not just a personal triumph; it shattered records, making Obrestad the youngest person ever to win a WSOP bracelet, a distinction that added a legendary chapter to her already impressive career.

A Legacy in Numbers

Annette Obrestad, with her moniker “Annette_15”, boasts an impressive poker resume, highlighted by her total live earnings of $3,942,233. Notably, her best live cash was £1,000,000 ($2,013,733 USD) from the WSOPE Main Event, a testament to her skill and tenacity at the poker tables. At her peak, she ranked 100th on the Hendon Mob All-Time Money List, although currently, she is 503rd. Obrestad, the former number 1 on Norway’s All-Time Money List, is currently 3rd behind 2014 WSOP Main Event runner-up, Felix Vincent Stephensen, and 2022 Main event champion, Espen Jorstad. Her achievements highlight the significant impact she has had within both the national and international poker scenes. Her achievements not only showcase her prowess in poker but also serve as an inspiration to players worldwide, illustrating the heights that can be achieved with dedication and skill.


Annette Obrestad’s poker resume extends far beyond her headline victory, displaying a pattern of consistent performances across the globe. Notable tournament placements include a 2nd place finish at the EPT Dublin Main Event in October 2007, where she earned €297,800. She continued her strong showings until September 2010 when she found 1st place in the EPT London Heads-Up Event, pocketing £120,000. Her versatility is further evidenced by multiple deep runs in the World Series of Poker, including an 89th place in the 2013 WSOP $10,000 World Championship, and numerous cashes in other WSOP events. Obrestad also demonstrated her skills in mixed games, evident from her 8th place finish in the WSOP 2012 $3,000 No Limit Hold’em/Pot Limit Omaha event, winning $28,409. Additionally, her performance in smaller yet competitive tournaments like the 2012 Wynn Classic, where she took home the first place prize of $18,204, underscores her ability to dominate across different formats and settings.

The Transition: From Poker Tables to YouTube

Despite her early success, the allure of the poker world began to wane for Obrestad. The transition from a celebrated poker professional to a life outside the limelight was neither immediate nor straightforward. Around 2015, a shift in focus from poker to personal well-being marked the beginning of a new chapter in her life. Chronic pain and a growing disinterest in the competitive grind led her to explore other passions, culminating in the launch of “Annette’s Makeup Corner” on YouTube. Here, Obrestad found a new audience and a fresh start, sharing her love for makeup with subscribers who were mostly entirely unaware of her poker legacy.

Legacy and Lessons Learned

Annette Obrestad’s story is more than just a chronicle of poker glory; it’s a narrative of growth, change, and the search for new beginnings. Her journey teaches us that success is not a linear path but a series of evolving interests and opportunities. Obrestad’s ability to pivot from the world of poker to creating content about makeup speaks to her resilience and willingness to embrace change.


For those who follow the felt, Obrestad’s legacy serves as a reminder that poker, at its heart, is about more than just cards and chips. It’s a game of skill, psychology, and, perhaps most importantly, adaptability. Her story underscores the importance of pursuing passions relentlessly, even when they lead you in directions you never expected.


Annette Obrestad’s impact on the poker world remains indelible, not just for her record-setting achievements but also for her demonstration of life after poker. In a game that often seems consumed by short-term victories and defeats, Obrestad’s journey is a compelling narrative of long-term growth and transformation. Her story, from the virtual tables to her beauty tutorials on YouTube, is a vivid reminder that there are always new chapters waiting to be written, both in poker and in life.