Poker, a game steeped in strategy and psychology, has evolved dramatically with the advent of technology. One of the most intriguing advancements is the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in analyzing poker hand histories. This cutting-edge technology enhances the game’s understanding and provides players with deeper insights into their strategies as well as opponents’ […]

What separates an excellent poker player from a novice? Is it pure luck or a mysterious sixth sense? Far from it. Like any mind sport, poker is a battlefield of wit, strategy, and mental endurance. Just as you wouldn’t run a marathon without training, succeeding in poker requires sharpening your mental prowess. But the fascinating […]

Part 8 – February 1st, 2019 through March 31st, 2019 Originally posted: February 20th, 2019 Video Poker evolution; from cam to Twitch RIP Radio Video killed the radio star, but empowered the Twitch idol. Welcome to TwitchWorld, where anyone can be famous for anything at any given time. There’s all sorts of reasons fans flock […]