The original bounty hunters evoke images of gunslingers in long dusters and bushy mustaches seeking out the beady-eyed rapscallions (with arguably mightier mustaches) depicted in tattered sepia-toned wanted posters. Lawmen like Pat Garrett and sleuths like Charlie Siringo come to mind. Perhaps your imagination is drawn to the modern rendition of the fortune-seeker for justice, like Domino Harvey and digital skip tracer Michelle Gomez. Possibly even your ideals are further flung into the past, a long, long time ago with visions of a space-faring galactic gunslinger in a green paint-chipped full-face helmet (NO DISINTEGRATION RAY). No matter which version of the bounty hunter you embrace, the “cool” factor remains prevalent and justice will be served.

Now, what if the heroes were the villains too? What if everyone had a target on their back and the gumption to claim the rewards? That’s what the GGPoker Bounty Hunter Series brings.

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We at GGPoker welcome you back to the Bounty Hunter Series, where the hunters are also the hunted. Where everyone has a shot and target on their back. These tournaments have been so popular in the past, we ran them twice last year. We’re making it happen again this spring, starting from April 9th and running through to May 2nd. 

Similar to the last iteration of this online tournament series, at least $50,000,000 in prizes will be up for grabs across the events. A wide range of tournaments are set up to accommodate the bankrolls of all players, with buy-ins ranging from $5 to $525 and beyond, plus satellites from as low as $1.

In bounty tournaments, participants earn a reward every time they eliminate another player. This means you are putting your prize, as well as your pride, on the line every time you go all-in. These bounty prizes are paid in addition to the standard tournament winnings. The more opponents you knock out, the more prizes you player will claim. 

GGPoker’s progressive bounty tournament format features bounty prizes that also grow larger as players knock each other out. The more players someone eliminates, the bigger their bounty. So a player that has previously knocked out multiple opponents will earn you a much bigger bounty than what they had to start.

Rarely will someone get to the end of a tournament without claiming at least a few bounties, and the further you get, the bigger and better those bounties become. The rewards start to really stack up when you approach the final table.

A mystery bounty poker tournament adds exciting format changes to the mix. First, the buy-in is split 50/50, with half going into the standard prize pool and the other half going into the bounty prize pool. The play is split up into phases over several days. Phase 1 proceeds like a standard tournament, with no bounties, just the field getting smaller as players are eliminated. Once you reach the Final Stage, bounties are added to each knockout but you don’t know how big the bounty is until they are KOed. The biggest bounty could be claimed any time between the Final Stage’s first knockout until the final hand of the event!

This edition of the Bounty Hunters Tournament Series, we are introducing a new format, the Secret Bounty. These tournaments are similar to the mystery bounty except they occur all at once, in a single session. No more waiting for the final day, which is difficult for some of us, just play through until the end taking out as many villains as you can.

Play your cards right and the bounty rewards can rival, or even exceed, the top prizes!

The Bounty Hunter Series features hundreds of individual tournaments, with dozens running daily. Among these events, we have designated six as extra special, referring to them as the Showdown Events.

Kicking off the tournament series, Showdown #1 takes place on the first day of the series, Sunday, April 9th. This inaugural event is also the first ever Secret Bounty event. The Secret Bounty Opener event, carries a buy-in of $105, and features a $1 million guaranteed prize pool with a $100k top bounty!

The very next week, on Sunday, April 16th, Omaha players get the spotlight with Showdown #2, the High Noon Omaholic High Roller tournament. This $525 buy-in tournament has a $250K guaranteed prize pool, one of the best values for all the Omaha lovers out there.

One day later, you can join in Showdown #3, a prelude or warm-up to the main event as we host the Mystery Bounty Mini Main event. This tournament has a $100K Top Bounty in the Final Stage, and a $1.5 million prize pool. This one has a $25 buy-in for the day 1’s, which are running multiple times every day leading up to the Final Stage on Monday, April 17th.

Another $200K guaranteed prize pool is up for grabs later that week, on Sunday, April 23rd during Showdown #4. This spectacular event, the Sunday Hundred Grand Special Edition, has BIG excitement for a tiny $15 buy-in.

Showdown #5 is the Final Stage of the Global MILLION$ Bounty. Like all of the Global MILLION$, this Bounty event has a $50 buy-in but offers a guaranteed prize pool of $1 million. This will share the date with the previous event, Showdown #4, on Sunday, April 23rd.

All of this is just the lead up to the big one. The final event. Showdown #6,  the Main Event. This event, offering a life-changing $5,000,000 guaranteed prize pool, takes place near the end of the series on Monday, May 1st. For a buy-in of $210, participants will have a shot in the $5,000,000 guaranteed prize pool and a $500K Top Bounty. With over 100 Day 1’s starting on April 16th, you have ample opportunity to take your best shot. Aim for the bullseye and show them all who truly is the King of the Bounty Hunters!

Learn more about Bounty Hunters Series online tournament series and see the schedule. For the complete schedule, check out the Bounty Hunters Series tab in the GGPoker client.

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