As the final week of the illustrious 4th annual World Series of Poker Online (WSOP-O) on GGPoker drew to a close, poker enthusiasts were on the edge of their seats. The global poker community witnessed 6 players being crowned with the iconic World Series of Poker bracelets. Meanwhile, in Ontario’s exclusive segment of the WSOP, event 8 was the star attraction, culminating in the award of a distinct bracelet.


The week was abuzz with action and high stakes. Standing out among the tournaments was the Event #28: WSOP Online Main Event, this $5,000 buy-in event was a shining beacon with its staggering $25,000,000 guarantee which, just a few years ago, set the Guinness World Record for the biggest prize pool in online poker history. Not to be overshadowed, Event #33: GGMillion$ High Roller, positioned as the series’ grand finale, promises a nail-biting experience with a $10,000 buy-in and an enticing $10 Million Guarantee.


Further adding to the week’s fervor was the completion of 7 Continental freerolls. Distributing an impressive $335,000 in rewards, these tournaments saw participation from 2,003 poker enthusiasts. Of these, 473 emerged victorious, carving out their share of the prize. Special commendations are in order for the 14 lucky players who clinched $10,000 packages, eagerly setting their sights on the 2023 WSOP Paradise tournament at the Atlantis in the Bahamas.


The week’s electrifying line-up was kicked off with the WSOP Online Event #29: GGMillion$ Super High Rollers Championship. Even with its premium $25,000 buy-in, this event attracted 145 poker maestros, pooling together a significant $3,552,500 in rewards. When we left off last week, it was ‘Felipe Ketzer’ holding a 20BB lead over 2nd place and only 13 players remaining. Sadly the lead did not hold as ‘Felipe Ketzer’ bowed out in 11th for ‘just’ $73,293.45. While the final table was all guaranteed over $100,000, it was Joao Vieira taking the championship at the stacked table, earning $760,396.10 and, with the best chance to win the top prize of $760,396, and the World Series of Poker bracelet.

WSOP Bracelet Events


In the captivating series of WSOP Online, Thursday, September 28th brought forward yet another intense bracelet event: Event #30: 6-Handed Bounty No Limit Hold’em. The unique prize structure for this tournament, accompanied by a $2,100 buy-in, promised participants exceptionally enjoyable play, paving the way for rich strategic fun. A total of 976 players threw their hats in the ring, all aiming for the coveted WSOP Championship Bracelet and a piece of the $1,952,000 prize pool. As the dust settled, ‘DrBeltran’, proudly representing Moldovia, emerged victorious over ‘A Derzhypilskyi’. Alongside the championship bracelet, ‘DrBeltran’ pocketed a significant prize of $78,122.51, with additional bounty earnings of $129,476.59 plus securing the Freeroll for his Continent.


The subsequent event, Event #31: Pot Limit Omaha High Roller, which ran on Saturday, showcased a fusion of skill, strategy, and the quintessential thrill that Omaha promises. Accompanied by its generous prize pool of $1,083,000, built from the 228 participants buying into the $5,000 tournament. As players navigated through the turbulent waters of Omaha, each one with an eye on the coveted WSOP Championship Bracelet, the atmosphere was electric. When the final pot was pushed, ‘Ben Wilinofsky’, representing Canada, claimed the top spot. Beyond the respect and accolades of the poker community, ‘Ben Wilinofsky’ also took home $243,934.16, the WSOP bracelet, and further solidified their status in the annals of WSOP history.


Saturday also played host to the penultimate Event #32: The Closer NLH Bounty Turbo. This event, marking the final days of the series, drew in a formidable 1,263 poker aficionados, all of whom paid the $1,500 entry fee creating a prize pool $1,799,775. Yet, amidst the intense competition in this final progressive bounty tournament, it was ‘Rodrigo Sirichuk’ from Brazil who stole the show. With finesse and unparalleled strategy, ‘Rodrigo Sirichuk’ seized the top spot, securing not just the impressive $75,280.98 prize money but also the prestigious WSOP Online Bracelet and an additional $111,838.73 in bounties.

The Big Events


The weekend also saw the start of the two biggest WSOP Online events. The first of these was Event #33: GGMillions$ High Roller. This $10,000 buy in tournament, which offered an incredible $10,000,000 guarantee, attracted 1,140 players smashing the guarantee and creating a prize pool of $11,400,000. The 149 players who survived to day 2 found themselves in the money, having earned a minimum of $21,072.34. The top 13 were all guaranteed over $100,000 but what they were all really chasing was the top prize of $1,538,400.46. The event came to its conclusion when ‘David Yan’ finished off ‘Simon Mattsson’ to claim the bracelet in one of the biggest online poker tournaments of the year.


And speaking of big, the final tournament of the World Series of Poker Online was Event # 28: WSOP Online Main Event. This tournament, just 3 years ago, set the Guinness World Record for the biggest online poker tournament prize pool ever when 5,802 players created a prize pool of $27,559,500. This year, that record was surpassed.  While still an unofficial record, the 6,023 players who bought into the event, created a prize pool of $28,609,250, well exceeding the $25 million guarantee. Only 761 survived to see day 2, but those who did survive, more than doubled their money as the minimum prize was $10,161.74. The main event paused as the final table was reached and the final 9 were all guaranteed at least a quarter-of-a-million dollars. When the final hand was dealt, it was well known streamer ‘Bert Stevens’ claiming the victory, the top prize of $2,783,432.88, and the Main Event bracelet. As an aside, the final 4 also earned over $1,000,000, so no one is really unhappy.


The Ontario-only arena of WSOP ran only 1 event this week, the final event of the series, the $525 buy-in Event #8: The Closer Bounty Turbo. The $150,000 guarantee drew 565 poker lovers, who built a noteworthy prize pool of $282,500, nearly double the guarantee. The top honor, including the bracelet and top prize of $16,503.63 and an additional $16,098.42 in earned bounties, went to ‘Magnethius’.

As the curtains fall on the WSOP Online 2023, the poker community reflects on a tournament series that was nothing short of extraordinary. Yet, even as we bask in the afterglow, there’s a palpable buzz of upcoming excitement. Subtle murmurs suggest that bounty hunters might soon take center stage and flipping fortunes could become the talk of the town. While the allure of the bracelet has seen its season’s culmination, there’s still a significant $385,000 in freerolls set to unfold over the next week, celebrating our illustrious bracelet winners. So, as we cherish the memories of WSOP 2023, let’s also keep our fingers on the pulse, ready to dive into the forthcoming poker marvels and perhaps a chance to claim a portion of the enticing freeroll bounty.