Who Am I?

Hi! I’m FORTUNA. I live in Middle East Germany and am turning 20 years old. My poker career is just starting but thought you would enjoy stories from my first poker experiences. 

My first poker experience was when I joined my friends at one of their home poker games. I enjoyed the experience and knew that I wanted to play more poker. To learn more about poker, I searched for video tutorials and online poker rooms.

It was September 6, 2022, just over 1 month ago, that my father introduced me to GGPoker and I began playing online poker games for real. The first thing I did was deposit my money and jumped right into a poker game. I was a complete rookie to online poker games. I played without a plan or bankroll management. Thankfully I did manage to find and join the 30 day challenge Honeymoon Mission.

Honeymoon Mission

I missed the 1st day of the Honeymoon mission but completed days 2, 6, 8, and 13 and won some poker tickets. I managed to convert the tickets into free cash. I wasn’t able to play on days 14, 20, and 21 but I did complete days 15, 19, and 22. From this I was rewarded with more free tickets and T$14.

The next mission was “in a PLO showdown situation, win the main pot with a four-of-a-kind and four-of-a-kind only,” with my targets being $20, a Global MILLION$ ticket and T$50. Unfortunately, I was not able to complete enough missions and lost in a $52.50 Omaholic bounty tournament and $150 cash.

My Goals

Over the next 6 months, my primary goal is to consolidate my online poker tournament play in the micros: Bounty Hunter, Bounty Builders, and Daily. My second goal is to play and succeed in Spin & Gold poker games. My third goal is to focus on and learn proper bankroll management.

My long term goal is to stabilize my poker mindset so I can raise my play limits and settle at a spot I am comfortable with. I am also planning to join a poker study group to exchange poker ideas and strategies for cash games and online poker tournaments. If you ever want to have a discussion or offer tips about anything poker, I am available on Discord at Fortuna2178. 

Here is what I have played so far and when I played my first of each of these poker games:

            • Spin & Gold – 127 Games – Start 9/9/22
            • All-In or Fold – 60 Sessions Start 6/9/22
            • Rush & Cash – 13 Sessions – Start 11/9/22
            • Battle Royale – 2 Games – Start 15/9/22
            • NLH Cash – 5 Sessions – Start 6/9/22
            • PLO & PLO – 5 Cash 16 Sessions – Start 7/09/22
            • Short Deck – 7 Sessions – Start 10/9/22
            • MTT – 95 Games – Start 6/9/22

King’s Resort Experience in Rozvadov

My favorite poker story also includes my father. He took me and some friends to the King’s Resort in Rozvadov. I was surprised by the size of the King’s Resort. It is huge. Much bigger than I expected and it was full. So many people everywhere, some coming in for the first time, feeling the same excitement I was, others returning, recognizing the feeling as they walked into a full house. It was an amazing first poker experience. 

When we arrived, I was a bit tired. So while the rest of the party went straight to the casino I headed to my room, which was just above the casino floor. I tried to rest because the trip had been more strenuous than I thought. Some hours later, I was walking through the casino, looking for the rest of my companions. I was not able to find them. The King’s Resort is huge and it was my first time. 

I gave up looking for them and found a seat at a €1/€3 cash game table. Sitting down at the poker table for the first time was a bit overwhelming. It felt like the other poker players around the table knew it was my first time at a live poker table. After about 2 hours of playing poker in the cash games, my party found me. After reconnecting, we decided to call it a night and that was my first day at the King’s Casino. 

The first day had been quite the experience. I had been over saturated with poker stimuli and was still tired from the long drive to the resort. So we decided to start Saturday, putting our mental wellness first. After breakfast, we went to the on-site spa for a much needed massage. As soon as the treatment was done I was ready to get back to the poker room and play poker in my first live poker tournament.

Buy-in was €300 and my father staked me. Unfortunately, I busted out just before the end of play on day one and missed out on cashing in the poker tournament. I returned to playing cash games. I started out on a €1/€3 No Limit Hold’em poker table and later moved to a €2/€2 Pot Limit Omaha poker table. The switch in cash games was broken by a meal with the party.

Near the end of the night, we spent some time relaxing and telling our poker stories from the poker tournaments and the cash games we played, all while at the roulette table. We spent a few late hours there drinking to end the evening. 

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed reading my origin story and good luck. I look forward to seeing you at the poker tables for both poker tournaments and cash games! 

About the Author: Fortuna completed her education in 2019 and began studying as an occupational therapist. In her private time, she can be found in a café or in a lounge with friends. A weekly game night with friends, regardless of whether it’s “Mensch ärgere dich nicht” or “Mau Mau” has become a ritual.