Part 15 – May 11th, 2020 through May 31st, 2020

Originally posted: May 11th, 2020

WSOP Super Circuit Online Series Update – Ring Events #4 & #5

Monster Stacks, BIG Prize pools and 2 Gold Rings

As the action got underway again yesterday, Gold Ring events were once again centre stage in the $100,000,000-guaranteed WSOP Super Circuit Online Series.

The first ring event of the day was the $200 buy-in WSOPC Ring Event #4: Monster Stack $500K GTD, which attracted a mammoth field of 5,155 hopeful players, nearly doubling its guaranteed prize pool. With 7,295 entries each stumping up the $500 entry price, event #5, the BIG $500 $2M GTD, fared even better generating a prize pool just shy of $4,000,000!

WSOPC Ring Event #4: Monster Stack $500K GTD

After a gruelling fifteen hours of play, 5,155 entrants had become 9 entrants and our final table was set, with $134,909 up top for the winner and, of course, a shiny WSOPC Gold Ring.

The final table was a cagey affair with places 9th to 7th falling slowly until we were 6-handed. A quick flurry of knockouts then had us down to three players: 274AS, Fedor Kruse and finally Kroat, who was representing the UK. Despite going into 3-handed play with relatively equal stacks, Kroat struggled to get any momentum going and was eliminated in 3rd place for a $63,000 payday.

274AS held a slight chip advantage going into heads-up play, and the chip lead would flip-flop between the two until Fedor Kruse was caught bluffing with air following a great call from 274AS with an underpair to the board. With a comfortable chip lead, 274AS never looked back and after 20 minutes more of heads up play, he emerged victorious after spiking a 7 on the river in the final hand to claim the fourth Gold Ring and the $134,909 first-place prize.      


PlacePlayerPrize Money
2“Fedor Kruse”$92,767
5“Snow’s Crazy Aye?”$30,165

WSOPC Ring Event #5: BIG $500 $2M – força Brasil!

With the first ring of the day done and dusted, attention now turned to the big one – the $2M GTD BIG $500 event Day 2.

1,084 players had made it through to Day 2 when play kicked off at 19:00 UTC. Some 900+ elimination later and the prize money bubble was burst. Shortly thereafter, Team GGPoker Ambassador Felipe ‘Mojave’ Ramos grabbed the chip-lead, to the delight of his legion of fans and stream viewers, but sadly it wasn’t to be for Felipe, eliminated as he was in 86th place for $3,249. Fellow GGPoker Ambassador Elky also enjoyed a deep run in WSOPC Event #5 but fell short of the bracelet goal in 67th place.

A few hours later the final table was set and Brazil was 6/4 against to take down the bracelet with four representatives on the final table of nine players. It was to be Brazil’s night, as it turned out, claiming the top three spots courtesy of Neto 10, 3rd place finisher for $362,000, pfckb taking the runner-up spot and $369,000, and our champion BlaireauEnColere claiming the Gold Ring and $330,000 (after a deal was done). Well played all, and especially Brazil!


3“Neto 10”$362,695
4Lester “mon$terDad” Edoc$159,979
6Kevin Pu$75,649

Super Circuit Tuesday – Bounty Hunter and our sixth WSOP Gold Ring

The next opportunity to get in on the WSOP Super Circuit is tomorrow night at 19:00 UTC for Event#6 – Deepstack Bounty Hunters $500,000 GTD.

Secure your shot at WSOPC glory now!

Be there or be square!

Originally posted: May 13th, 2020

WSOP Super Circuit Online Series Update – Ring Events #6

WSOPC Ring Event #6 Smashes the Guarantee

The $100,000,000-guaranteed WSOP Super Circuit Online Series continued last night with the sole ring event the day: WSOPC Ring Event #6: Deepstack Bounty Hunters $500K GTD.

The $210 buy-in progressive knockout event attracted 3,615 runners, smashing its guaranteed prize pool by a an amazing $223,000, creating a mouth-watering total prize pool of $723,000 with $51,879 for the winner plus bounties. 

Big Stacks, Big Bounties, Big Prizes

The cards were in air for event #6 at 19:00 UTC / 14:00 ET / 11:00 PT and the bounties and knockouts were flying in from the get-go, with several players doubling and even tripling their stacks in the very first level.

The $500K guarantee was surpassed 3 hours into late registration and when registration closed, 3,615 players had generated a prize pool in excess of $720,000.

It would take 11 hours for the field to be whittled down to the final 9 players vying for the Gold Ring and $50,000 first-place prize.

Following a couple of quick knockouts on the final table, JoaoValli took the initiative and proceeded to decimate the opposition, eliminating them all within the space of 30 hands to claim the WSOPC Gold Ring for event #6.

So impressive was JoaoValli’s prowess at knocking out his fellow competitors, he managed rack up an astonishing $32,827 in bounties on top of his $51,879 first place prize, for a total payday just shy of $85,000 – well played JoaoValli and Good Game,

Event #6 Full Result


Super Sunday – 4 Gold Rings and the Big One

This Sunday, May 17, our six WSOP Super Circuit Online Champions will become ten, with four Gold Rings on offer, including the biggest event of the series, the monster WSOPC Ring Event #8: High Roller Championship $10,000,000 GTD, as well as the $1,000,000 GTD Mini Main Event and the $10K PLO High Roller Championship. 

Catch all the live action from GGPoker WSOPC Super Sunday on GGPokerTV

See you there!

Originally posted: May 18th, 2020

WSOP Super Circuit Online Series Update – Ring Events #7, #8, #9 & #10

GGPoker history made, 4 new WSOPC champs and $17.9M in cash

The single most valuable day of the WSOP Super Circuit Online Series was always going to be an epic affair, but to say it didn’t disappoint would be an understatement; not only was it an truly historic day for the online poker community, but for GGPoker, too:

  • Biggest tournament in GGPoker’s history – $12.3M prize pool
  • $12.5 million in guaranteed prize pools smashed by +$5.2 million
  • Four new WSOPC Champions crowned
  • $10,000,000 GTD, $25K High Roller Championship

WSOPC Ring Event #8: HR Championship $10M GTD

505 players stumped up the $25,000 buy-in for event #8, generating a gargantuan $12.3M prize pool and meaning the top 3 players were each guaranteed a $1,000,000 payday. After an epic 15 hours of high stakes tournament action, we were down to our final two players: ‘800-522-4700‘ and ‘Patrick “Babu$hka” Leonard’ of the UK.

800-522-4700 would boss the Heads Up action, and despite a spirited and skilful display from ‘Patrick “Babu$hka” Leonard‘ he ultimately ran his A4 into pocket Kings and, with no help from the board, ‘800-522-4700’ was our new WSOPC High Roller Champion and just under $2.2M richer – Good Game!

FULL RESULT: WSOPC Ring Event #8: HR Championship $10M GTD

2Patrick “Babu$hka” Leonard$1,611,342

CLICK HERE to watch GGPoker Ambassadors Daniel Negreanu, ElkY and Fedor Holz discuss the epic action from the High Roller

WSOPC Ring Event #7: Monster Stack $500K GTD

The Monster Stack 1-day Ring Event attracted a massive 5,1616, nearly doubling its $500K guaranteed prize pool. That meant the lucky winner would be on for a 6-figure score, as well as WSOP Super Circuit Online Series and the gold ring that goes along with it.

‘ShopChop96’ would eventually emerge victorious, earning $135,065 in the process as well as the coveted gold ring – Good Game!

FULL RESULT: WSOPC Ring Event #7: Monster Stack $500K GTD

PositionPlayerPrize Money

WSOPC Ring Event #9: Mini Main Event $1M GTD

A staggering 29,357 entrants in the WSOPC Mini Main Event meant that the top four players in the tournament would each be guaranteed a minimum of $100,000 for just a $100 buy-in or 1000x – how about that for an ROI!

Out of the 4,104 players who started Day 1, ‘miya11‘ was the player left holding all the chips and took away a shiny WSOPC Gold Ring and a huge $278,361 first-place prize.

FULL RESULT: WSOPC Ring Event #9: Mini Main Event $1M GTD

PositionPlayerPrize Money
5Mikhail Semin$71,867

WSOPC Ring Event #10: PLO HR Championship $1M GTD

High stakes Pot Limit was the order of the day in event #10 and the small matter of the $2.2M prize pool – more than double the guaranteed $1M.

It took eight hours of play to whittle down the the 234 players down to one, with Canada’s ‘ChilaxChuck’ emerging victorious after getting it all in on the flop with a flush draw and inside straight draw versus the straight and lower flush draw BailaMorena. A seven of diamonds on the river sealed BailaMorena’s fate and ChilaxChuck was our new PLO High Roller Champ and the proud new owner of a WSOPC Gold Ring – Good Game.

FULL RESULT: WSOPC Ring Event #10: PLO HR Championship $1M GTD

PositionPlayerPrize Money
4Mikhail Tal$184,333

See you on Tuesday for the WSOPC Ring Event #11: Deepstack Bounty Hunters $500K GTD!

Originally posted: May 18th, 2020

WSOP Super Circuit Online Series Update – Ring Events #11

11th WSOPC Gold Ring winner and huge progressive PKO bounty action

We’re 16 days into the WSOP Super Circuit Online Series, ten WSOPC Champions have already been crowned and tonight it was time for an eleventh champ to be bestowed with a WSOPC Gold Ring, courtesy of WSOPC Ring Event #11:  Deepstack Bounty Hunters $500K GTD. 

Played in ‘Progressive Knockout’ or ‘PKO‘, in a Bounty Hunter tournament half of the tournament buy-in goes towards the the tournament prize pool and the other half is is placed the player’s head as a bounty. When eliminating a player you pick up 50% of their bounty total and the remaining 50% is added the player’s bounty total.

As you can imagine, the action is fast and furious, especially at the latter end of the tournament, and the bounties can grow to eye-watering sums, as was the case with last night’s tournament in which the final 9 players shared an astonishing $62,000 in bounties, with he overall winner amassing a cool $25,000 in additional bounty PKO winnings.

WSOPC Ring Event #11:  Deepstack Bounty Hunters $500K GTD.

A total of 3,297 players paid the $21o entry for Event #11 generating a total prize pool of just under $660,000.

In the final hand, ‘NeverGambol‘ had the slight chip advantage and was obviously very happy to call the pre-flop all-in of  ‘jackwu9011123‘ with his pocket queens versus jackwu9011123’s pocket 4’s. A queen on the river added insult to injury for jackwu9011123, and NeverGambol was the WSOPC Ring Event #11:  Deepstack Bounty Hunters champion and the proud new owner of a WSOPC Gold Ring – Good Game!

FULL RESULT: Deepstack Bounty Hunters $500K Gtd


Originally posted: May 25th, 2020

WSOP Super Circuit Online Series Update – Ring Events #12 & #13

A colossal Colossus, a monstrous Monster Stack, and TheWaster is Spartacus

It was another spectacular of day of action on the WSOP Super Circuit Online Series virtual felt yesterday, with two WSOPC Gold Rings up for grabs coming in the form of: Event#12: Monster Stack and, unlucky for some, Event #13: Colossus $2M GTD.

It being a special day, with the Colussus, and all that, GGPokerTV’s Joe ‘Stapes’ Stapleton and Matt ‘TheWaster’ Broughton really got into the spirit of the occasion and donned suitably Roman outfits in honour of the Colossus: Check it out on Twitter HERE

On to the poker action; WSOPC Event #12 and Event #13 attracted 4,864 and 9,630 respectively, easily smashing their guaranteed prize pools.

Another small piece of GG history was made as the Colossus generated the second biggest prize pool ever on GGPoker; bested only by the $12.3M WSOPC High Roller Championship, which took take place just seven days ago.

WSOPC Ring Event 12: Monster Stack $500K GTD

From a starting field of 4,864, it took  a gruelling 15 hours of play to get down to the final two players: ‘Dinks4all‘ and ‘Piko1432‘.

As heads-up play began, Piko1432 had the chip advantage and used it to good effect to push his opponent to  a near 4:1 chip deficit, before Dinks4all scored a big double up to get back to near level, and then snatching the chip with some aggressive raising.

In the final hand it was flush over flush after the river had been dealt, with Dinks4all holding the better flush and becoming the our new WSOPC Ring Event 12: Monster Stack $500K GTD Champion – Good Game!

A special mention must go to fourth-place finisher ‘TheRealElysioum‘ who qualified via a satellite; turning an initial $20 satellite buy-in into a cool $42,080.56 – Congratulations and Good Game!

FULL RESULT: WSOPC Ring Event 12: Monster Stack $500K GTD

PositionNicknamePrize Money

WSOPC Ring Event #13: COLOSSUS $2M Gtd

On to the the big one of the day; thanks to a staggering 9,603 entries the top five players were each guaranteed a six-figure payday!

The eventual winner was ‘WhiteChick‘, taking home the the WSOPC Gold Ring and, as near as makes no difference,  a huge $500,000 for just a $400 buy-in!


PositionNicknamePrize Money
9.sitting out$27,740

The penultimate WSOPC Ring Day: Tues, May May 26

With the $2m GTD Colossus now under our belt, all roads – Roman or otherwise – now lead towards tomorrow’s WSOPC Event #14: Deepstack Bounty Hunter Event.

Don’t forget you can watch and follow all of the the action from World Series of Poker Super Circuit Online Series over on GGPokerTV

Originally posted: May 27th, 2020

WSOP Super Circuit Online Series Update – Ring Events #14

Final WSOPC Bounty Hunter event: mega bounties and big prize pools

The final Bounty Hunter event of the WSOP Super Circuit Online Series didn’t disappoint in terms of numbers, attracting 3,463 entries – 166 more than last week’s Bounty Hunter event – generating an eye-watering $692,600 prize pool, with just under $50,000 plus bounties going the eventual winner.

Kicking off at 2pm ET, the entries steadily poured in, and with just over two hours on the clock the $500,00 GTD prize pool was breached. By the end of late registration, 3,463 players had paid the $210 entry fee to take their shot their WSOPC glory, and pick up some bounty money along the way, and of that 3,463 over 1,000 players remained in the hunt for the bracelet.

WSOPC Ring Event #14: Deepstack Bounty Hunters $500K GTD

Once the money bubble had been reached the entries fell thick and fast, accelerating as the magic top 100 bubble was popped. Roughly 10 hours into the tournament the final nine players were set.

RunGood2323‘, amongst the chip leaders when registration closed, had a huge tournament, amassing $3,861 in bounties along the way, but just fell short of the Gold Ring in 3rd place for $28,335.

A special mention should also go to the seventh place finisher, ‘Cartman992‘, who qualified to the event via a mere $21 satellite and will takes home over $8,500 for their efforts – Good Game!

The night, however, belonged to ‘BaccaratKing‘, who bagged an astonishing $39,345 in bounty prizes – the most of any player in the series – on top of the $49,598 first place prize money – Good Game!

FULL RESULT: Ring Event #14: Deepstack Bounty Hunters $500K GTD

PlacePlayerBountyPrizeTotal Prize

Final chance to grab a WSOPC Ring

All eyes are now firmly on Sunday; the final day of the series and the last chance to get your hands on a coveted WSOPC Gold Ring. There are four chances to secure a bracelet on Sunday including the conclusions of the the $5M GTD Main Event.

We’ll see you there.