The final week of the 4th annual World Series of Poker Super Circuit, the world’s most prestigious poker tournament series, hosted by GGPoker; the world’s biggest poker room, has been come to an end, signaling the completion of the WSOP Super Circuit Series. The final 8 World Series of Poker rings, 4 for the Ontario-exclusive […]

The third week of the 4th annual World Series of Poker Super Circuit, the world’s most prestigious poker tournament series, hosted by GGPoker; the world’s biggest poker room, has been completed. Since our last update, 5 more World Series of Poker rings and 4 additional rings in the Ontario-exclusive events have been awarded. While there […]

GGMillion$ Won by Danilo Velasevic for $331,000 This week’s GGMillion$ was a rollercoaster ride for some of the best poker players in the online poker world. Taking some time for the fuse to light, the sparks eventually started to fly as an epic show brought the fireworks to a conclusion late into the night. Danilo […]

Finnish Star Samuel ‘€urop€an’ Vousden Wins GGMillion$ for $323,000 An incredible ending saw this week’s GGMillion$ title head to Finland as the online poker legend Samuel ‘€urop€an’ Vousden won the top prize of $323,784. The story was a wild one as a monster chip leader blew their chance near the final curtain only for a […]

GGMILLION$ Won by LemonHouse for $ 315,000 A big week of GGMillion$ action continued as nine of the finest players on the planet reached the final table on GGPoker. When play concluded after just under two and a half hours, it was the Mexico-based player ‘LemonHouse’ who proved sharpest on the night. As stars of […]

Leonard Maue Wins GGMillion$ For Huge $304,000 Top Prize This week’s GGMillion$ starred some terrific players as GGPoker welcomed Justin Bonomo, Oliver Weis, Leonard Maue, Andrii Derzhypilskyi, and Matthew Stumpf to the virtual felt. The weekly $10,300-entry tournament saw a thrilling conclusion pronounce Maue the master as the German dominated the final stages, taking out […]

Vlad Darie Wins GGMILLION$ for $297,000 This week’s $10,300-entry GGMILLION$ was one for the books as a prize pool worth $1.37 million saw nine top players battle for glory at the virtual felt. With regular host Jeff Gross joined on comms by the 2020 WSOP Online Main Event winner, the Bulgarian professional Stoyan Madanzhiev, the […]

In the ever-evolving landscape of gaming, a new contender has shuffled onto the scene, promising to deal a hand unlike any other. Meet Balatro, released on February 20, 2024 by the developer, LocalThunk, and publisher, Playstack. It’s a game that’s quickly becoming the talk of the town, merging the strategic depth of poker with the […]

Pedro Neves Wins GGMillion$ for $289,000 as Santerne Proves Super Second Best It’s hard to not feel sorry for any player who comes second in the weekly $10,300-entry GGMillion$. The final heads-up always provides a huge payout for the winner, and this week was no different, as Pedro Neves won the top prize of $289,015. […]

Former WSOP World Champion Wins GGMILLION$ for $325,217 This week’s GGMillion$ final table was brought to life by Michael Jozoff joining Jeff Gross for the commentary. Nine superb players battled it out for the biggest share of a $1.6 million prize pool. The lineup included notable players such as Mark Radoja, Stoyan Madanzhiev, Artur Martirosian, […]

Beyoncé, the global icon and musical powerhouse, has ventured into the country music scene with her latest album, “Act II,” part of the anticipated Renaissance trilogy. This bold move was unveiled through a captivating Super Bowl LVIII commercial for Verizon, signaling a fresh, creative direction for the artist. The album, set to release in late […]